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An American-based animated show intended to educate children through interactive visuals, Go, Diego, Go was aired on Nickelodeon cable channel. Produced by Chris Gifford and Valerie Walsh, the series is a continuation of Dora the Explorer and takes after Dora's cousin Diego, an 8-year-old kid who takes on adventures, now and then, and often includes saving creatures and securing our environment. The series constituted of 5 seasons and aired approx. 75 episodes. The show includes an 8-year-old Latin kid named Diego who salvages creatures around the globe.

His cousin is Dora from Dora the Explorer, as uncovered in various shows, normally without Boots close by her. Diego was first presented in a scene of Dora the Explorer entitled "Meet Diego!” Diego has a small yet dynamic friend named Baby Jaguar who helps him in saving the creatures. Baby Jaguar additionally shows up in Dora the Explorer though not so consistently; on Go, Diego, Go! He plays a more dynamic part, which incorporates having the capacity to talk.

Diego's multi-talented sister, Alicia is a computer expert and also a bilingual; she coordinates the creature safeguard calls that come to the center. She additionally helps Diego in helping the animals they cherish. Alicia is capable and kind-hearted and is usually kind to her younger sibling. Diego's folks were seen as animal researchers; they show up in a few scenes. However, their names were never disclosed. In many scenes, Diego hears a creature's cry for help at his Rainforest Animal Rescue Center.

With assistance from his companions and devices, he embarks to save the animals. Distinctive characters consolidate Click, a camera that finds the animal calling for help; Rescue Pack, a separation sack Diego wears that can change into any object; and two troublesome dreadful little animal monkeys named the Bobo Brothers, who were to be stopped by shouting "Freeze, Bobos!" and Diego consistently asks the watchers to help him stop them by yelling those two words. Though Swiper from Dora the Explorer constructed them, they don't bring about the inconvenience for Diego deliberately and apologize in the wake of doing as such.

In every scene of Go, Diego, Go! There are a few tunes and employments of Spanish vocabulary. Whenever meat-eating predator was included on the show, its eating regimen were never disclosed, dissimilar to when herbivores appear (for example, marmosets). For instance, an octopus was helping Diego is seen talking about eating live crabs, when baby river dolphin who had stimulated Diego in "Diego Saves Baby River Dolphin eats the crabs making a beeline for a waterfall, Sea Turtle Tuga enjoys the delicacies of jellyfish and Jorge the Little Hawk eats grasshoppers. At whatever point highlighted, a predator is seen threatening an animal and thus the prey is portrayed as being "anxious" of the predator.