Hindi Tv Serial Dollar Bahu

Dollar Bahu Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Dollar Bahu is a drama TV series in Hindi-language under Zee TV channel. It is based on the novel, “Dollar Sosae” or Dollar daughter-in-law, from the Cinemaya Media Limited. The TV series is directed by Ajai Sinha and Ravi Kemmu and written by the famous Indian columnist, Sudha Murthy. It was premiered on September 1, 2001 and ended on June 1, 2002. The novel became very popular so it was recreated to a TV series.

The story describes how the middle-class family strives to become a part of the upper class one with the help of their son in U.S.A. However, the September 11 accident happened that leads distressed to the casts of the Dollar Bahu.

The series shows a story of how the mother-in-law assume that her daughter-in-law in India is not as good as the Dollar Bahu, Rinnie (played by Chandni Toor), who dwells in USA. The mother-in-law desires to be with her son from USA. Later on, she went to see her son and stay for a year in USA and realizes that the dilemma that most Indian-Americans encounter in America is just the same as those that reside in India. The series will give the viewers an intuition on the large, renowned and increasing South Asian society in USA. The show will also portray on how the Indian immigrants strive in USA and the collision between the two cultures.

Dollar Bahu stars Chandni Toor as Rinnie, the Dollar Bahu, Neha Mehta as Vaishali, Mayuri Kango, Ismail Bashley as Shekhar, Himani Shivpuri will play the role of the mother-in-law and Deepak Parashar as the Master Govind. Ranjeet, Rakesh Pandey, Kunika Lal, Aashish Kaul and Suhasini Mulay also appeared in the series.