Hindi Tv Serial Amanat

Amanat Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Amanat is a typical Indian family story which has every shade of life with lots of melodrama and emotions. Lahori Ram whose character is played by Sudhir Pandey originally came from Pakistan after the Nation's Partition. He lost his father, mother and wife pretty early so he takes care of his seven daughters alone.

Lahori Ram is a very decent human being and he does not hurt anyone to fulfill his wishes. He does not change himself with time and sticks to his ideology and gives his teachings to his daughters. Lahori Ram is a person with strong values and beliefs. All seven sisters Santosh, Dinky, Bala, Guddi, Bunty, Munni and Totey love their father very much and they worship him. They knew how difficult it was for their father to bring them up. Like every Indian father, Lahori Ram wants a suitable groom for them.

With the passage of time, all the seven daughters get married and go to their in- laws, but the teachings of Lahori Ram stays with them. They face many problems and terrible situations, but they do not let down their father down in front of anybody. The bond between the father and his daughters is the most luxurious impact of the story. Lahori Ram like any typical father still wants to take care of them, but it occurs to him that after marriage, he has to realize that his daughters are now somebody else's bounty. Pooja Madaan as Santosh and Gracy Singh as Dinky have done full justice to their respective roles with lots of emotions and drama. The director of this Indian drama series Sanjiv Bhattacharya portrays all the characters very well as the viewer feels he is living in this show.