Hindi Tv Serial Ajeeb - The Other Side

Ajeeb - The Other Side Hindi Tv serials on Channel 9x

“Ajeeb” is an award winning Indian thriller series, with a mysterious love story that leads to continuous strange events occurring in a hospital. The story is about a warm-hearted woman by the name Anjali (played by Aarti Thakur) who is a curious yet determined medical student, with her dreams to become a resident doctor at the very prestigious Shanti Bhavan Medical Institute (SBMI). However, her prospects are rejected by the hospital. Disappointed Anjali returns to her small hometown.

The story takes a sharp turn of fate when she ends up getting a job at the place of her dreams, only with the coincidence of finding herself treating her friend. Her dreams keep coming true slowly when she comes across a blossoming opportunity for a lover, Dr. Dev Malhotra (played by Vishal Watvani). Dr. Dev Malhotra is brilliant, both in his profession and amongst ladies. However, his heart falls for Anjali when he meets the young doctor.

The only problem in this picture perfect story is that both of them were already committed in other relationships! Anjali’s boyfriend Rohan is a handsome football captain. The only problem with him was that he was revealed to be a Casanova, which led to Anjali breaking-off the relationship. However, Rohan would not give up without a fight, it was either him or no one for Anjali. Infuriated with rage on finding that Anjali had declared her love for another, he began to plan ways to get Anjali back but fate did not allow him to do so.

Sanya was the obsessive girlfriend of Dr. Dev Malhotra. The only reason she came to SBMI was because of her love for Dev. When Dev confronted her and found out about her feelings towards him, he reciprocated with empathy. But, he called the relationship quits when he met Anjali. He thinks Sanya left him forever, but he was wrong. Sanya came back to SBMI with only one aim in her mind, to destroy the man she once truly loved! “Ajeeb” won the Best “Thriller Jury Award” at the 8th Annual Indian Television Academy Awards in 2008. The mysterious love story with constant strange events occurring at the SBMI hospital is full of drama, thrill, suspense, and twists.