English Tv Show The Walking Dead Season 1

The Walking Dead Season 1 English TV SERIALS on AMC

The Walking Dead is a television series prepared by Frank Darabont, exclusively on air internationally on Fox International Channels and cable television channel AMC. The series are presently airing the seventh season and belongs to horror and drama genres related to the zombie apocalypse. Developers adapted the series from the novel series of the same name written by Lisa Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The first season of The Walking Dead released in the United States concluded on December 5, 2010, by starting on October 31, 2010, comprising six episodes.

Charles H. Eglee, David Alpert, Darabont, Kirkman, and Gale Anne Hurd took the production responsibility of the series. It shows the story of a former sheriff’s deputy of town Georgia, Rick Grimes who has been in a coma for some weeks after getting shot and wounded at the time he was on duty. He awakens in an abandoned hospital and finds himself into a post- apocalyptic world ravished by zombies, referred as “walkers.” Alone and devastated, Rick starts the search of his wife Lori Grimes, and his young son, Carl Grimes and meets two survivors- Morgan Zones and his son, Duane who tells the situation to him.

After stocking up on guns and ammunition, in search of his family, Rick heads to Atlanta as there are rumours of a refugee centre established in Atlanta and working on a cure by Centre for Disease Prevention and Control at there. Meanwhile, Lori has started dating Shane Walsh who is Rick’s best friend and fellow cop. Soon Rick finds that there is no camp and walkers have overrun the city. After rescuing Rick, Glenn takes him to a departmental store where he meets other survivors Andrea, Morales, T-Dog, Jacqui and Merle Dixon- a furious ex-con.

They escape Atlanta and reach the camp where Rick reunites with Carl and Lori, and soon Rick gets a commanding situation with Shane and finds his responsibility for the survival of the camp. A group led by Rick goes to city Atlanta to find ammunition and Merle. While returning, they find that the camp had been devastated by walkers. In search of help, the group plans to go back to Atlanta and goes to CDC. In the CDC they find only a single person, Dr Edwin Jenner, who explains his research on walkers and unavailability of cure. As the fuels for the emergency generators gets over, it initiates an explosion inside the building as safety protocols.

After blowing out a window, the group leaves the building while in a lack of hope Dr Jenner and Jacqui stays inside and get killed by the building’s self-decontamination. Critics have well acclaimed the series and nominated for many awards, comprising the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series- Drama. It has also won the Writers Guild of America Award for Television: New Series. It also has a companion series named Fear The Walking Dead premiered in 2015.

The cast of the series contains some established names as Andrew Lincoln played the role of main character Rick Grimes while Jon Bernthal has a role of Shane Walsh. Jeffrey DeMunn is shown as Dale Horvath and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, while Chandler Riggs is posed as Carl Grimes. The lead actress of the series is Sarah Wayne Callies who is represented as the wife of Rick named Lori Grimes. Laurie Holden bagged another role named Andrea.