English Tv Show Mr & Miss 7 States

Mr & Miss 7 States English TV SHOWS on M TV

Mr & Miss 7 States is a modeling hunt cum reality show that features the players of seven states. This show provides a platform for the youth of seven lands. Waseem Qureshi of Five Face entertainment, produces the show. Veronika Rajput is the host of the show. The channel awards the winners of the show with a bulk amount of fifty lakhs. Here is a new and unique try on the screen, which concerns the hunt for modeling youths from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Delhi-NCR. There are no suitable platforms for youngsters to exhibit their fashion and modeling talents, but this show gives them an adorable chance.

It is the audition-based show that only allows talented and skilled models and fashion technicians who require for the industry. The international trainers will groom the selected contestants for the final. Moreover, modeling is a profession that requires a large amount of money to explore themselves. It became the reason for most talents to quit their modeling profession. So that this show provides fame, money, and opportunity altogether to excel in the modern world. There is no other show like this show on the screen that concentrates on modeling, and this is India’s first reality show for it. That is 21 episode series that depicts the journey of sixty-four contestants. The Grand finale of the show aired with fifty male and fifty female selected contestants out of them. The celebrity panel who judge the contestants belongs to different criteria consists of actor Sonu Sood, dancer Sapna Choudhary, actress Mugdha Godse, Rohit Khandelwal - Mr World 2016, Anukriti Gussain - Miss India Grand International 2017, Vijay Roy-International Choreographer, Rosy Ahluwalia- Bollywood fashion designer, Varun Chauhan-fashion photographer, Maahi Khan- celebrity fashion designer, Prakashi Tomar- Veteran shooter, Yatinder Singh-Mr World fitness and Tarun Dutta-Mr Asia.

The grand finale of the show features in Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, which holds numerous peoples. Sonu Sood, Mugda Godse, Mr. World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal, Miss India 2017 Anukriti Gussain, along with Canadian Fashion Week organizer Parvesh and producer of the show Waseem Qureshi judges the finale. This show gives the new upcoming and trending talents to society. After three hours of very tough competition, the panel announced Sonali Jetly from Ghaziabad and Abhishek Gujjar from Roorkee as the winner of the first season of ‘Mr & Miss Seven States.' Srishti Kundnani from Ahmedabad and Farman Qureshi from Naziabad were declared as 1st runner up. Nera Raj from Bareilly and Mukund Thakur from Noida was the 2nd runner up of the reality show.