English Tv Show Man Vs Wild

Man Vs Wild  English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

Man vs Wild is a survival program that airs on the Discovery Channel. The show was hosted and narrated by Bear Grylls, and produced by Diverse Productions. The show aired for 7 seasons. This first season had 15 episodes, the second had 13 episodes, the third had 12 episodes, the fourth had 14 episodes, the fifth had 7 episodes, and the sixth and seventh seasons had 6 episodes. Man vs Wild is a show where the host practically shows the viewers how to survive in difficult and wild locations.

Bear Grylls, along with his crew, travels through remote places, staying overnight under tents or trees, eating whatever food they find in those places, and successfully find civilization by the end. The places featured on the show are Canadian Rocky mountains, British Columbia; Moab Desert, Utah; Costa Rican Rainforest, Osa Peninsula; European Alps, Mount Kilauea, Hawaii; Sierra Nevada, America; African Savannah; Alaskan Mountain Range; Desert Island, Pacific Ocean; Everglades, Florida; Iceland; Copper Canyon, Mexico; Kimberley, Australia; Ecuador; Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland; Sahara; Panama; Patagonia; Andes; Zambia; Namibia; Pacific Ring of Fire; Indonesian Island; Siberia; Sanyan Mountains, Siberia; Baja Desert, Mexico; Deep South; West Coast of Ireland; South Dakota; Belize; Yukon; Hell’s Canyon, Oregon; Dominican Republic; Turkey; Romania; Arctic Circle; Alabama; Vietnam; Texas; Pacific Island; Southern China; Big Sky Country; live volcano in Guatemala; North African Sahara; Papua New Guinea, Western Pacific; Northern Australia; Canadian Rockies; Caucasus Mountains, Georgian Republic; Arizona Sky Islands; Cape Wrath, Scotland; Norway; Borneo Jungle; Malaysia Archipelago; New Zealand South Island; and Red Rock Country, southern Utah; Everest; Arctic Tundra; Jim Corbett National Park, Uttakhand.

In a few special episodes, celebrities were featured. Will Ferrell, Jake Gyllenhaal, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South Indian Superstar 'Rajinikanth,' and Bollywood khiladi Akshay Kumar are the celebs, who took part in some special episodes with Grylls.