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English Tv Show Check Out China

Check Out China  English OTHERS on NDTV Good Times

Check Out China is a travel show that premiered on NDTV Good Times in May 2016, with two travel lovers - Neha Dixit Neha Dixit is an anchor by profession and is curre >> Read More... and Aditya Bal Aditya Bal is a chef turned actor. He is also an a >> Read More... , providing the viewers with a complete dig into China’s finest markets, tourist spots, eateries and a lot more. While Aditya, a foodie-turned-chef tastes a new dish every day, Neha, a complete travel junkie remains true to her title by doing more of the adventurous stuff. They move from city to city, visiting ancient civilizations to towns bustling with excitement, showing the viewers how to enjoy a trip to this biggest city in Asia to the fullest. They also tell the history behind each place and explain its origin and lifestyle.

In one episode, the other host of the show, Amba Suhasini, tells the viewers the top ten things to do in Tianjin, a metropolis port in the country - from eating kebab-like street food to visiting the beautiful palaces of various dynasties. They visit Guangzhou, a city for the youth, filled with nightclubs and exotic food as well as Zhuhai, which is surrounded by water and offers a large variety of teas to drink. On their way to Zhangjiajie, the viewers are explained the methods of travel in order to reach the city, after which they get to sit on the highest passenger cableway in the world, on their way to the captivating Tianmen Mountains, which have the thin sheet of glass as ground for the tourists to walk on while marveling the nature around them.

In the meanwhile, Amba visits Nanjing, a city that served as the capital for over ten dynasties in China. She explores sites such as ‘The Purple Mountain,’ ‘Confucius Temple,’ and 1912 Bar Street. Stopping at the last city in their tour, Neha and Aditya visit Changsha in Hunan; which they also call the ‘Foot Massage Capital of China,’ as it is known for giving one of the best foot massages in the world. The Orange National Park also attracts a large number of tourists as it has a large carved head on its mountain, which is visible all through the country.

Aditya thoroughly devours on the delicacies that the city offers; as Bar Street in Changsha offers all types of Cantonese food under one roof. Check Out China not only shows the viewers which cities offer various kinds of recreation, but also shows the one the kind of food that each place is known for and the sites that are not as well known but should be looked upon. This show is a tour guide and a travel agency, all in one!