English Tv Serial Last Man Standing - Season 2

Last Man Standing - Season 2  English TV SERIALS on ABC

Last Man Standing Season 2 started on 2 November 2012 and it ended on 22 March 2013 with 18 episodes. It’s the first time for Mandy to vote in which Kristin and Ryan want her to vote for Barack Obama while Mike wants her to vote for Mitt Romney. Kyle, Ed and Eve compete in a fantasy football which has its consequences for Kyle at work. Mike, in anger, teaches Boyd and his friends dodgeball when Ryan removes it from Boyd’s school, and Kyle and Ed volunteer for a search-and-rescue team. Mandy takes Eve’s help to improve her football facts for her new boyfriend. Mike is uncomfortable when Vanessa invites their neighbours, an African-American couple. Mike denies to let Eve leave soccer but she skips soccer practice and instead gets drunk at a party so Mandy skips her own extracurricular activity to help Eve. Mike is concerned for Ed when he develops feelings for Wanda, his third ex-wife, and Mandy gets a job as a waitress at the same place where Kristin works.

Eve refuses to come inside the house till Vanessa leaves her job after learning about Vanessa’s job at her class career day, while Mike refuses to take her back until she asks for forgiveness from Vanessa. Ryan and Mike’s opinion about teaching Boyd harsh realities of life differ, and Mandy teaches Kyle to catch shoplifters after feeling that he may lose his job because of her. Mike and Vanessa send the girls on different trips as they want to spend Christmas alone but Vanessa reconsiders her decision after hearing a song. Ed asks Kyle’s help to dispose a bald eagle when he shoots it mistaking it to be a wild turkey. Eve gets suspended for calling a boy gay which turns out to be said in revenge, and Kristen gets angry after learning that Ryan bought a motorcycle but gives her less money for child support. Mike thinks Ed to be partial based on looks when Ed says Alyssa to be more qualified than Bill McKendree as an architect, and Vanessa questions her new position which she is given over equally qualified but simple looking colleagues.

Mandy has to go without makeup to school as Eve hides it since Mandy takes all the bathroom’s drawers. Blanca, the new housekeeper’s, arrival makes Mandy, Eve and Boyd lazier. Eve becomes overly patriotic after joining Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps which scares Vanessa that she may join the actual military, and Mike gets upset when Ryan refuses to teach Boyd the Pledge of Allegiance at school. Mandy’s increasing romantic interest in Greg Archer worries Mike but Vanessa says that he should let Mandy experience it all herself. Mike teaches Eve about hunting rabbits and gophers, and Ryan and Kristin develop old feelings for each other. Mike gets upset after learning that Boyd is using Ryan’s last name instead of their’s, and competes against Ryan. The Baxters reunite for creating a new viral music video for Valentine’s Day. Mike directing a skit at store becomes a disaster when Ryan feels that it is offensive for Native Amercians as Boyd is also part of the skit, and makes legal papers for spending time with Boyd.

Mandy decides to try for Kyle, and when Mike sees her sneaking into home after her curfew, he thinks their relationship to become sexual. Kristin is hesitant in telling Boyd that Ryan and she are now dating. The women flatter Octavio whom Mike has hired for Eve’s private soccer lessons, but later Mike disagrees by his decisions to coach Eve. Mandy gets upset when Kyle doesn’t get jealous after seeing her stare at Octavio, and the situation becomes worse when Kyle calls her Kristin mistakenly. Ryan punches Bill when he pesters Boyd, and Mandy’s phone and laptop is taken away until her history grade increases. Kristin gets shocked when Mandy is accepted into two colleges which makes her re-evaluate her position in her own life which increases when she meets John Baker, her previous co-worker. Eve gets help from neighbour Chuck Larabee who is a former Marine for her Junior ROTC drills, and Mandy’s choice of college in California which is expensive doesn’t go well with Vanessa and Mike which makes Mike to let out that she got accepted there as Ed did something.