Bengali Tv Serial Megher Kheyal

Megher Kheyal Bengali TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel

Megher Kheyal is a Bangladeshi TV drama, originally from Pathik. Viewers can stream the Bengali-language series on YouTube. Adnan Adib Khan wrote the series while Sayed Awlad directed it. Tuhin Barua produced the serial. The drama premiered in 2017 and had been a hit among the audience. Each episode had a runtime of around 25 minutes. Al Mammun, Joyosri Kor, Shelly Ahsan, Parveen Sultana Diti, Alif, Mumtaz Akbari Protyasha, Shahriaz, Sumaiya Saki, Diana, Eite, Sheemana, Mukid, Mithun, and Sham Pahari comprise the cast of the series. The plot narrates the story of Noori and Kashiv. Both of them are from different financial backgrounds. Megher Kheyal is about their love story and the struggles they have to go through.