Plot Lion is the typical BalaKrishna movie Bose is the name of BalaKrishna and he comes to know that he forgot his past He tries to find out his past and get

Lion Movie Review

Lion Movie Review Telugu
Review for the film " Lion"
Runtime: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-05-2015
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
3.6 / 5.0

Plot: Lion is the typical BalaKrishna movie. Bose is the name of BalaKrishna and he comes to know that he forgot his past. He tries to find out his past and gets success in his attempts is the one liner of this story.

BalaKrishna is said to be the director’s actor, as he keenly concentrates on the dialogues and gives important to each and every scene in the film. Though he is a super hero, till now he performs what his director suggests. The film starts with the hospital scene and BalaKrishna is lying in coma. When he wakes up, he could not remember his past. When he sees JayaSudha and ChandraMohan and they introduce them as his parents, he gets confused and denies agreeing it. To know more about him, he travels to Hyderabad. There he meets Trisha and he believes that she is her lady love. He tells him some story about his past and makes him to meet his parents and now they ignore him.

Did BalaKrishna find out his right family and did he get back his memory is the rest of the story. After the interval, the film gets much more interesting than the first half. Dialogues are punchy and the music by Mani Sharma Mani Sharma is a famous music Director in Tamil an >> Read More... seems better. Bala Krishna dances and fights energetically, which should really be appreciated.

This film has huge star cast like Trisha, Geetha, Radhika Apte Radhika Apte, an Indian actress was born on Sept 7 >> Read More... , JayaSudha, PrakashRaj and Chandra Mohan Chandra Mohan was born on 23rd May 1945 in Pammidi >> Read More... . Though it has heavy star value, everyone appears as a guest in this film. It will be a good entertainer for the fans of BalaKrishna and Trisha, but not to all the audience.