The trailers of Kshanam a suspense thriller created curiosity among the audiences Now let rsquo s see whether the movie lives up to its expectations nbsp

Kshanam Movie Review

Kshanam Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Kshanam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 00 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 26-02-2016
3 / 5.0

The trailers of Kshanam, a suspense thriller, created curiosity among the audiences. Now let’s see whether the movie lives up to its expectations. 


Adivi Sesh Adivi Sesh Sunny Chandra is the full name of Adivi >> Read More... and Adah Sharma Adah Sharma is an Indian actress and a model. She >> Read More... study in the same college in Vizag. They are attracted towards each other and eventually decide to run away from their houses since Adah’s dad opposes their love. But ironically Adah gets wedded to another person and Adivi seeks resorts in U.S. He becomes an investment banker. Time passes and after four years Adah calls him and asks him to come to Hyderabad immediately.

Adivi goes to Hyderabad and learns that Adah’s daughter is kidnapped. But 

Adah’s husband pays a deaf ear to her.  Even the police, whose head is Anasuya, doesn’t heed to her statements. Now Adivi is provided with the responsibility of finding the daughter of Adah, all by himself. Well, watch Kshanam to find out how it progresses with its twists and turns.


Ravikanth Perupu, the director of Kshanam, has done a commendable job, given that this is his debut movie. Adivi Sesh has penned the screenplay (along with Ravikanth) and the story of Kshanam and should be appreciated for the outcome, particularly because this is his first attempt in story and screenplay.

What’s there?

  • The plot is engrossing. 
  • The cinematography of Shaniel Deo is outstanding. 
  • Sricharan Pakala’s music complements the mood of the movie. 

What’s not there?

  • The romance element could have been explored more. 
  • The movie is sprinkled with a lot of murders. 
  • The movie seems to lack pace in the second half.
  • The second half goes at a terrific pace. 


Don’t go with the expectations of watching a regular masala film. However, Kshanam will impress you for its intense treatment.