Shreayan has made his debut from the film Basthi He is the son of Tollywood rsquo s best actress Jayasudha and wants to maintain the prestige earned by his mot

Basthi Movie Review

Basthi Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Basthi"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 03-07-2015
Genre: Action, Romance
1 / 5.0

Shreayan has made his debut from the film Basthi. He is the son of Tollywood’s best actress Jayasudha and wants to maintain the prestige earned by his mother. The CM of Telangana addresses him as Tollywood’s Amitabh, because of his height, smart personality, and good looks.

Plot: The story is of Hyderabad where two opponent groups – one is of Ammi Raju ( Mukesh Rishi), and the other is of Bhikshapati ( Kota Srinivasa Rao), are always ready to attack each other. Vijay ( Shreayan Kapoor) is a brother of Ammi Raju, who has returned to India. Sravanti (Pragathi) is Bhikshapati’s younger sister, who gets kidnapped by Ammi Raju.

Vijay and Sravanti fall in love with each other. Bhavani ( Abhimanyu Singh) who is Bhikshapati’s son does not agree with their love and make a decision to kill Vijay and Sravanti. Will their love be accepted or get destroyed in the fight of both the groups? What all games Vijay play to get his love forms the whole story.

Analysis: The audience felt it a torture as there is no meaningful plot in the movie. The whole scenario is easily predicted with the common narration. Also, the storyline is same to that of Mahesh Babu’s “ Bobby”, in fact, Bobby had a better cast and nice music. There are no amusing moments and no romantic scenes between Shreayan and Pragathi. The emotional scenes too appeared low. Songs could have been better. Only noises can be heard in the background. There are many scenes which can be edited, eventually resulted in a poor editing.

The director has not worked hard on the story and is solely responsible for the failure of the film. Ali has done foolish comedy with the double meaning dialogues. Poor art direction and the camera work. On the whole, the movie neither had hopeful technicians nor a meaningful script. Shreayan has chosen a wrong debut for himself.

Star Performances: Pragathi has performed his role confidently as a debut artist and looks cute. But she has to work on her acting and expressions. Shreayan is the son of Jaysudha so all had great hope from him but he dissatisfied somewhere. Although he looks good, handsome, tall, and has an impressive personality, but he is ok for his first film and needs improvement in some factors, especially expressions. Mukesh Rishi handled the role of gangster very well. Abhimanyu Singh performed the same kind of role of bad guy. Kota’s acting experience was a benefit to the film. Saptagiri and Ali appeared as the cameo. Satya failed in comedy.

What is there? The cinematography is ok. The lead pair of Shreayan and Pragathi looks good. Other supporting casts entertained here and there. An intense conflict is shown in the first half. The second half of the film can be tolerated, but there is a full package of disappointment for audiences in the movie. Production values are good.

What is not there? The script is ordinary and boring. There was no new concept which can make it an attractive film. One can easily predict what the next scene is going to show. The director failed to mix comedy, action, love and all the emotions in a right proportion. Neither of the songs is impressive. No hard work done on dialogues. The comedy tracks did not generate any laughs.

Verdict: It is better to skip this movie in theaters and save your money. One cannot sit through the whole movie and waits for its ending.