Vasu Manthena is an Indian film director working in the Telugu movie industry. He has directed the Telugu movie Basthi which released in the year 2015. Vasu Manthena was also the writer, producer and screenplay writer of this film starring lead actor Abhimanyu Singh Abhimanyu Singh is a popular Indian film and telev >> Read More... Abhimanyu Singh , Shreyan, Pragathi and many more. Being his first movie, Vasu Manthena tried his skill on writing and directing a love story with a mix of action sequences, but it is high on the love quotient.

Vasu Manthena has bought the rights to direct a film based on a book authored by Khushwant Singh. Vasu Manthena is very versatile. He has stepped into different fields in his career life. Vasu Manthena is known in the education field as he owns few institutions. He has also dabbled in ballet and theatre arts. Vasu Manthena is not new to the television industry as he has started a news channel called iNews.

After all these, he stepped into filmmaking. It was then that he directed the Telugu film Basthi in 2015. After having done a movie locally, Vasu Manthena is planning to make a mark internationally for which he acquired the rights of Khudhwant Singh's novel The Company of Women. This film is said to be made in English with the international casts, and it is produced by Vasu Manthena's film production company called Vazman Productions.

The Company of Women is said to be a racy novel. Given his reasons for choosing this novel as it is considered Khushwant Singh's best work, Vasu Manthena said he liked it as it is a very bold and straightforward story with no inhibitions. It has a dark theme in which the author expresses his views about taboos and unpopular secrets about the sexual life of a man while also accepting these confessions.

It also covers parts about overcoming shame and shame in one's life. Since such a heavy content might not run favorable among Telugu audience as it such topics are not tested in Tollywood and also because it will be difficult to clear in the Censor Board of India, it is possible that these are the reasons for which Vasu Manthena wanted to produce it to the international audience. Vasu Manthena feels it will be an exciting content for the movie industry as it will be a great entertainer on celluloid.

For this movie, Vasu Manthena is on the mission to fetch an award-winning music director and screenplay writer, and he is thinking of shooting the film in Princeton, Haridwar, and Delhi. Vasu Manthena has a close association to the Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. Vasu Manthena is said to be adventurous, and creative, and he finds it exciting to test waters in the entertainment area.

He has also bought the rights to remake hit Punjabi movies in Telugu like Sardarji, Juliet 2 and Jat. He is also producing a biopic in Hindi. Vasu Manthena is inclined towards entrepreneurship as he is born into a business family. He has made ventures in India, USA, and even Africa. His most successful venture was the start-up of news channel iNews, but in the year 2011, he left the channel.

Although he had no experience whatsoever in the TV or cinema industry, making news channel and movies like Basthi was a very fulfilling experience for him. For his upcoming international flick, Vasu Manthena is said to cast actors from Hollywood and Bollywood and is very keen on roping in Irrfan Khan Irrfan Khan is a noted Bollywood actor who started >> Read More... Irrfan Khan for one of the roles. Also, the movie needs seven female lead roles who will all get selected through auditions. When asked if any Tollywood actors are in his interest, Vasu dismissed it.