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Raakadhan is a Tamil murder-mystery drama film released in 2023. Dinesh Kalaiselvan is the film s writer and director. The film s producers are Rani Henry Samuv

Raakadhan Movie Review

Raakadhan Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Written by Suryapratim Ray
Review for the film " Raakadhan"
Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 21-07-2023
Genre: Drama
3.25 / 5.0



Raakadhan is a Tamil murder-mystery drama film released in 2023. Dinesh Kalaiselvan is the film’s writer and director. The film’s producers are Rani Henry Samuvel and Mag Baskar. Praveen Kumar Praveen Kumar is an Indian actor known for his rol >> Read More... Praveen Kumar composed the music, and Gopi Krishna Gopi Krishna was an Indian actor, dancer, and chor >> Read More... Gopi Krishna edited the film. The cinematography is by Manas Babhu, and the art direction is by Inba Parakash.

Vamsi Krishna and Riyaz Khan Riyaz Khan is a Tamil and Malayalam film and telev >> Read More... Riyaz Khan are the lead cast. Dinesh Kalaiselvan, Gayatri Rama, Vignesh Baskar, Chaams, Nizhalgal Ravi Nizhalgal Ravi is a veteran actor in TV serials an >> Read More... Nizhalgal Ravi , and Sanjana Singh Born on February 23, 1986, Sanjana was raised in M >> Read More... Sanjana Singh .


The film revolves around a double-murder mystery. Arjun (Vignesh Baskar) dreams of becoming a model, but his family’s financial condition is not good. He does part-time jobs to earn money for his sister’s wedding. Soon, things take a turn for Arjun. He joins a modeling company that provides training. Initially, everything goes smoothly, but his modeling teacher, Butthi, becomes jealous of his success. This leads to a rift and hate between them.

Unexpectedly, Arjun is found dead, and an intelligent police officer named Ajmal (Vamshi Krishna) is given the charge of this case. On investigating, Ajmal discovers that Arjun worked for MD Riyaz Khan, who used to sell drugs to wealthy customers. Arjun’s friend Alex and a person who used to like his girlfriend are suspected to be involved in this murder.

Who killed Arjun and why? Will Ajmal be successful in finding out the culprit? What is the link of Alex with this murder?

Star Performance

Riyaz Khan gave a terrific performance. He looks like an exploitative person on the screen. His dialogue delivery and expressions are mind-blowing. He tried his best to make the film impressive.

Vamshi Krishna gave a fantastic performance. He shows all the characteristics of a clever police officer. He depicts all the required emotions in a balanced proportion.

Sanjana Singh makes the film impressive with her powerful character of a businessman. Vignesh Baskar looks decent on the screen. His performance is very natural and real.


The film highlights the exploitation that young models have to face in the film and television industry. It also addresses the issue of nepotism. It makes people aware of falling into the traps of prostitution, harmful drugs, and other unlawful activities that may ruin lives.

The film explores the themes of feelings, relationships, and conflicts. The investigation scenes are interesting and add depth to this film. The second half is very thrilling and full of suspense. All in all, Raakadhan is an impressive film.

What’s There?

• The film conveys a strong message.

• It depicts emotions, conflicts, and friendships.

• Double Murder-mystery.

• Problems faced by young models in the film industry.

• Fantastic performance by the leading characters.

• Neat cinematography.

• The music enriches the film’s eerie atmosphere.

• Good storyline and direction.

What’s Not There?

• Weak editing.

• Poor performance by some of the supporting cast.

• Minor technical glitches.


Overall, Raakadhan is a must-watch film for all young talents. It educates future actors and actresses about the malpractices in the film and television industry. Watch this film and solve the double murder mystery.