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Love is a Tamil romance and drama film released in 2023. R. P. Bala is the film s director, and Kousalya Bala is the producer. The cinematography is by P. G. Mu

Love (Tamil) Movie Review

Love (Tamil) Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Written by Tanishka Sharma
Review for the film " Love (Tamil)"
Runtime: 1 hour 43 minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-07-2023
2.5 / 5.0



  • Music Director:
  • Cinematographer:
  • P.G. Muthiah
  • Editor:
  • Ajay Manoj
  • Actor:
  • Bharath Srinivasan
  • Actress:
  • Vani Bhojan
  • Filmmaker:
  • R.P. Bala

Love is a Tamil romance and drama film released in 2023. R. P. Bala is the film’s director, and Kousalya Bala is the producer. The cinematography is by P. G. Muthiah. gave the music, and Ajay Mano edited the film.

Bharath Srinivasan Bharath Srinivasan is a popular star in Tamil and >> Read More... Bharath Srinivasan and Vani Bhojan Vani Bhojan is a Tamil television serial actress a >> Read More... Vani Bhojan are the leading cast. Radha Ravi Radha Ravi is a populous actor cum producer in the >> Read More... Radha Ravi , Vivek Prasanna Vivek Prasanna, who was born in the year 1986, bel >> Read More... Vivek Prasanna , Daniel Annie Pope Daniel Annie Pope is a Tamil actor and has contrib >> Read More... Daniel Annie Pope , and play supporting roles.


The film revolves around a couple, namely Divya (Vani Bhojan) and Ajay (Bharath). Despite her father’s warning, Divya decides to marry Ajay. They both live happily in an apartment gifted by Divya’s father. However, within a year, their relationship turns worse. It takes an unexpected turn. They start having heated arguments with each other. Divya’s pregnancy news and Ajay’s alcoholism and depression due to the failure of business further worsen their relationship.

One day, Divya finds out that she is pregnant and calls Ajay. She did not receive any response. When Ajay returns home, she finds him drinking Alcohol. She loses her temper and starts having a verbal spat with him. Anger develops on both sides, and things start getting out of control. They start fighting physically, and Ajay strikes Divya’s head with a piece of glass. This incident puts her life in danger.

What will happen to Divya? Will she die? If yes, then what is Ajay going to do next?

Star Performance

Bharath Srinivasan shines throughout the whole film. He delivers an outstanding performance. His dialogue delivery and expressions are superb. From depression to anger, he shows all the emotions in the right proportion. He gave a very realistic performance.

Vani Bhojan executed her part perfectly. She makes the viewers emotional, and her performance in the second half deserves a lot of appreciation. She looks beautiful on the screen. The way she deals with Bharath in this film is impressive. Both Bharath and Vani steal the whole film with their performances.

Vivek Prasanna and Daniel Annie Pope, who played the role of Ajay’s friends, look decent on the screen. They tried their level best to make the film impressive.


The film addresses the issue of domestic violence and issues in marriage. It explores the themes of love, deception, and anger. The film's atmosphere ranges from a sweet romance to an engaging murder mystery. The beginning setup indicates an impressive story, and as the plot develops, the twists and turns create a lot of excitement among the viewers. The second half reveals many truths about their relationships. The lead cast of this film gave a remarkable performance. The cinematography and music further enrich the film’s gloomy atmosphere.

The film has a good concept, but it is not executed properly. It fails to make the viewers emotional. Moreover, as the film progresses, it becomes difficult for the viewers to connect to the main characters. The film’s second half appears to be a bit confusing.

What’s There?

• The film highlights domestic violence and issues in marriage.

• Romance and emotional elements.

• Themes of love, deception, and anger.

• Murder-mystery.

• The film’s second half is loaded with twists and turns.

• Heated arguments between a couple.

• Excellent performance by the lead cast.

• Neat cinematography.

• Good music.

What’s Not There?

• Poor execution.

• The emotional elements fail to move the viewers emotionally.

• As the film progresses, the main characters are not relatable.

• The film lags in some scenes.

• Minor technical glitches.


The film Love depicts a mixture of romance and mystery elements. It perfectly shows the issues that can arise in a relationship. A stronger narration and execution might have improved the overall experience. The performances by the cast and the twists in the second half are the real strength of this film. It proves that a relationship is filled with both joys and sorrows.