Naren is an experienced actor and director Kalyan Kumar has made full use of Naren in the movie Kadha Solla Poram The movie could draw audiences to the theate

Katha Solla Porom Movie Review

Katha Solla Porom Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Katha Solla Porom"
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-05-2016
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3.5 / 5.0

Naren is an experienced actor, and director Kalyan Kumar has made full use of Naren in the movie Kadha Solla Poram. The movie could draw audiences to the theaters for the moving theme it has handled. Whether or not the movie has succeeded in pleasing the fans, one has to go to the theater and know.


Naren – Vijayalakshmi couple gives birth to a beautiful girl child in a hospital. No sooner than the child is born a woman picks up the child from the hospital and disappears.  Naren knows how the woman looks like.  He lodges a police complaint.  Naren, with help from the police, tries to trace the woman.  

In a development, when Naren is standing with the police on the road, he happens to spot the woman.   Naren and the police go hot on the heels of the woman. But, as the twist of fate could have it, the woman encounters an accident and becomes unconscious. Since only the woman knows the whereabouts of the child, Naren wants her to regain consciousness. He gives her treatment to her, but after eight years of futile treatment, the woman dies.

Naren is heartbroken that he is not able to trace the child.  In another development, Naren happens to know that his child is being fended in an orphanage.  But, whether the child is his or not? The rest of the flick answers the questions.

Star Performances

Naren reveals on the screen that he is an experienced actor.  He has portrayed the role of a battered father with much realism in it.  Vijayalakshmi has also done her part well in the movie.  The scenes showing their pain without their child are deeply moving.  Another notable feature in the movie is the performances by the child artists.  All of the child artists have done their roles well, and they deserve a hug.  There is a scene showing competition between orphan children and children being brought up in their homes.  The scenes portray the pain the orphan children are undergoing.  


The movie has beautifully narrated the plight of children who have gone into wrong hands. Director Kalyan Kumar deserves applause for bringing out such a beautiful movie. Every other character in the movie has done their respective roles to near perfection.

What is there?

  • The background music is very much relevant to the story.
  • The cinematography by Jemin is beautiful.  

What is not there?

The numbers for which Pawan Kumar has scored music are average.


Taking everything into account, the movie Katha Solla Porom is worth watching.