Dhanush 39 s Wunderbar Films return to the big screen with another realistic film 39 Amma Kanakku 39 after producing films like 39 Visaranai 39 and 3

Amma Kanakku Movie Review

Amma Kanakku Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Amma Kanakku"
Runtime: 1 Hour 49 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 24-04-2016
Genre: Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Dhanush's Wunderbar Films return to the big screen with another realistic film ' Amma Kanakku' after producing films like ' Visaranai' and ' Kaaka Muttai'. It stars Amala Paul, Revathy, Yuvasri in lead roles. It’s the remake of Hindi film ' Nil Battey Santa'.

Plot: The film is about Shanthi (Amala Paul) who is a widow Single mother and a domestic help at a Doctor's (Revathi) home. She also does some other odd chores to earn such as working at fish market etc. She works really hard only to educate her daughter Abhi (Suvari) who is in 10th grade. However, Abhi, a not so bright student has accepted it as her destiny that she will also end up being a domestic help like her mother. She believes that her mother would not be able to bear the financial pressure of her higher studies.

The story then revolves around the heart touching mother - daughter relationship and how a mother struggle's to make her daughter realize the importance of education. She even enrolls her to the same school in 10th grade by seeking permission of the headmaster.

Analysis: Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, the director, has touched the emotional veins of the audience with the film. It’s a short film of 109 minutes and although the movie is a bit predictable but still keep the audience glued. But it lacks at some departments especially the creative department. The original movie, ' Nil Battey Santa' is much better than its Tamil version regarding Dialogues, Music, Sets, etc. But still ' Amma Kanakku' is a heart touching movie and if you like women-centric films, then this one's really for you.

Star Performances: Amala Paul has delivered her till now best performance and did proper justice to her role of a single widow mother. Her dialogues and costumes have been minutely studied that gives the character life, although her voice has been dubbed. Veteran actress Revathi has also beautifully portrayed her role.

Yuvasri also perfectly fits in her role of a bold and troubled teenager. All the other actors such as Abhi's friends have done justice to their role. The bond between Amala and Yuvasri is beautiful viewed and has the essence of love, struggle, dreams.

What's There ?

1. Amala Paul's Lifetime performance. She works wonders and has properly worked for her role.

2. Production Designs and Cinematography need to applaud. The visuals of a Tamil lower middle - class area have looked so real in the movie.

3. The Background score works wonders as it adds the feel in the emotional scenes.

What's not there ?

 1. Some dialogues are odd and needed some more research.

2. Some scenes required depth which the director has not provided.

3. If you have watched 'Nil Battey Santa' earlier then you will definitely feel this weaker.

4. IIlayarajaa’s songs don’t add any flavor to the storyline. Lyrics of the songs are not that appealing.

Verdict The film provides a closer view of the struggle faced by a middle- class single mother to make her daughter achieve big in life. It’s realistic content, commendable performance and offering something other than a love story makes it a watchable film.