Varkey is a film written and directed by Adharsh Venugopal. The film was co-produced by Biju Manikandan and Greeshma Sudhakaran. The film s stunning cinematog

Varkey Movie Review

Varkey Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Varkey"
Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 06-04-2020
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
2 / 5.0

“Varkey” is a film written and directed by Adharsh Venugopal. The film was co-produced by Biju Manikandan and Greeshma Sudhakaran. The film’s stunning cinematography was done by Shyam Kumar, and the film’s editing was done by Rajin K.R. The film’s music was given by Sumesh Somasundar. The talents in the film’s cast are Samad Sulaiman Samad Sulaiman is an Indian film Actor. Born in Th >> Read More... Samad Sulaiman , Drishya Dinesh Drishya Dinesh is an Indian actress and model who >> Read More... Drishya Dinesh , Sreejith Ravi Sreejith Ravi is a famous Malayalam movie actor an >> Read More... Sreejith Ravi , Salim Kumar Salim Kumar is a person who deserves the title of >> Read More... Salim Kumar , Alencier Ley, Jaffer Idukki Jaffer Idukki is a Movie actor. He was born in Ind >> Read More... Jaffer Idukki , Jenson Alappat Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Jenson Alappat , Devison C.J., Letha Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Letha Das , Baiju Ezhupunna Baiju Ezhupunna is an actor as well as producer wh >> Read More... Baiju Ezhupunna , Jayashankar, Joemon Joshy Born on September 2, 1988, in Ernakulam, Kerala, J >> Read More... Joemon Joshy , Kulappulli Leela Kulappulli Leela or C. Chinju mol, as she is popul >> Read More... Kulappulli Leela , Sooraj Sukumar Nair, Maala Parvathi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Maala Parvathi and Sadiq.


Varkey is a quotation from goon, who does the dirty work for his Boss and, when need be, even for cops. But chaos ensues when his Boss assigns him to kidnap a bride-to-be on the eve of her wedding.

Star Performance

The overall performance by Samad Sulaiman is good, but if we look at the performances of the rest of the cast, then it was below average.


First and foremost, if we talk about the film’s storyline and direction, then writer and director, Adharsh Venugopal, did a lousy job in both fields. The storyline feels like it is written by a non-professional and unexperienced individual. The story is entirely soul-less and does not even follow its plot. The character of Varkey is sometimes a top-notch and merciless goon, and sometimes, he is a man with a golden heart, which does not let the audience connect with the story, or even with the characters. And, as for the direction, if only Adharsh Venugopal had taken a creative choice and a little bit of risk, then it would be significant, but as for now, it isn’t good. Due to the film’s short running time and a bit of fast pacing, it seemed like the story was just going on without letting the audience experience the thrill and the adventure that this movie held.

Now, if we talk about the film’s acting, overall, it's okay. But, if we look at the individual performances, then it isn’t good and below average. But, the main lead, Samad Sulaiman, did a good job overall. The dialogues that he has been provided with, he feels them and acts accordingly, which sometimes works, and sometimes does not. The audience does have a hard time connecting with the characters, mainly because of the story writing, but due to the lousy acting performance, they have an even more hard time connecting with the characters.

Now, if we talk about the music, overall, it was good. The music does work at times, especially during the fighting sequences. The music blends and makes the audience feel that build-up during an action sequence, and also, when there is an emotional sequence, it also works well. But, other than these two areas, the rest of the music is okay.

Now, coming to the film’s cinematography, it could have been much better. For now, it works, and the audience likes it, but they would have loved it and enjoyed it even more if the director and the cinematographer had taken a step further and also a creative liberty. 

What’s There?

• The music in the film is overall good.

• The cinematography of the film is good.

What’s Not There?

• The film’s storyline is terrible.

• The acting by the cast except for Samad Sulaiman, is bad.

• The film’s fast pacing does not work in the film’s favor.


This film is not for anyone. The audience can skip it and invest their time in something more entertaining and good. The film does not offer a good storyline, good performances by actors, or anything else, except for some music, which only works at times, and cinematography, which could have been better.