Vijay Anand is scripted and directed by Rishika Sharma. It is a biographical film about Vijay Sankeshwar, who owns VRL Logistics Limited, one of the largest log

Vijay Anand Movie Review

Vijay Anand Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
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Review for the film " Vijay Anand"
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video
Runtime: 2 Hours 39 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 09-12-2022
Genre: Biography
2.5 / 5.0

is scripted and directed by Rishika Sharma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rishika Sharma . It is a biographical film about Vijay Sankeshwar, who owns VRL Logistics Limited, one of the largest logistics firms in India. The film features, “V. Ravichandran,” “ Nihal R Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Nihal R ,” Bharat Boppannah, Anant Nag Anant Nagarakatte was born in the year 1948 on 4th >> Read More... Anant Nag , Vinaya Prasad Vinaya Prasad (or Vinaya Prakash) is a popular sen >> Read More... Vinaya Prasad , Prakash Belawadi Prakash Belawadi is a famous Indian journalist, ac >> Read More... Prakash Belawadi , Anish Kuruvilla Anish Kuruvilla is an Indian actor, executive prod >> Read More... Anish Kuruvilla , Siri Prahlad Siri Prahlad is an actress and model born on 26 Ma >> Read More... Siri Prahlad , Rajesh Nataranga Rajesh Nataranga is a famous Indian actor and writ >> Read More... Rajesh Nataranga , Dayal Padmanabhan Dayal Padmanabhan is a Kannada movie director, who >> Read More... Dayal Padmanabhan , Archana Kottige Archana Kottige is a Kannada movie actress born on >> Read More... Archana Kottige , Vidya Murthy Vidya Murthy is an Indian film actress who worked >> Read More... Vidya Murthy , Umesh Banakar Umesh Banakar is an Indian producer and also an ac >> Read More... Umesh Banakar , and Shine Shetty Shine Shetty is a Kannada film actor, performer, a >> Read More... Shine Shetty . Anand Sankeshwar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anand Sankeshwar produced the film. Keertan Poojary Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Keertan Poojary handled the camera, and Hemanthkumar was the editor. Gopi Sundar The precious icon of the Indian music industry, Go >> Read More... Gopi Sundar composed the music.


Vijay Sankeshwar is the son of Basavanneppa Sankeshwar, who is popular in the printing business, and Chandrawwa. The film speaks about how Vijay modernized his dad’s printing business and how he started the logistics business with just a single truck in his hand. It also showcases his family members, who had been a significant part of his personal and business lives.

Star Performance

Nihal tried a lot to play his part well. Anant Nag, the versatile actor, fits perfectly as Basavanneppa Sankeshwar, and Bharat is impressive in his role as Anand Sankeshwar. The rest of the cast has done justice to the given roles.


As Vijay Sankeshwar’s family produced the film, the film didn’t show any negatives, such as controversies faced by the entrepreneur turned politician. Rishika Sharma tried her level best to make the movie enjoyable. However, the screenplay needs some more gripping moments. Gopi Sundar’s music is decent. The visuals are good, and the production design in the first half of the film is impressive.

What’s There?

  • A few performances and music are the plus points

What’s Not There?

  • Weak screenplay and execution
  • Certain scenes lack some cinematic elements


Though the director tried to make an exciting film without exaggerating, the film needed some cinematic elements to impress the audience. If you love watching biopics and if you know Vijay Sankeshwar, you would love to watch the movie.