Savitribai Phule is the biopic scripted and directed by Vishal Raj The film has Suchendra Prasad and ldquo Tara rdquo in the lead roles The movie is shot

Savitribai Phule Movie Review

Savitribai Phule Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Savitribai Phule"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-08-2018
Genre: Drama, Biography
3 / 5.0

Savitribai Phule is the biopic, scripted and directed by Vishal Raj. The film has Suchendra Prasad and “ Tara” in the lead roles. The movie is shot, based on the book written by Sarjoo Katkar.


Savitribai Phule had a great interest in the society, from her childhood. She fights against the Sati system. Savitri gets married and husband Jyotiba is an open-hearted man. He wants to give a good education system to the women and Jyotiba’s ideologies didn't go well with the Brahmin community. Savitribai gets her education through her husband Jyotiba and she becomes a social reformer. Savithribai and her husband Jyotiba started a school especially for the girls and the Dalits. The school which they started is attacked, but Savitri and her husband didn’t care about it and continued their social services. Both of them do good to the society crossing the hurdles. When her husband dies Savitribai performs the last rites. Watch the film in theatres!

Star performance

Tara and Suchendra Prasad got excellent roles to do. They had just lived in the roles and get the appreciation from the audiences.


Vishal Raj has taken a good story and we have to definitely appreciate the casting team for choosing Tara and Suchendra Prasad, the good performers to play the lead roles. The director hadn't inserted any commercial element to hype up the biopic but had delivered the real-life history of Savitribai. The music gels with the script and the cinematography is also good.

What's there?

  • Performances of Tara and Suchendra are good
  • The execution by Vishal Raj is neat
  •  The production values and the technical values are appreciable

 What’s Not There?

  • There are some minor flaws in the film which need not be noticed as it is a biopic


If you are a commercial movie lover, then this film is not for you. This is a performance-oriented biopic of a social reformer. So, if you have some interest in the social movie that has the historical background, then you can go and watch the film.