Nagarahavu is an epic-fantasy film which is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna and Rohith Kannan. It isproduced by Sajid Qureshi, Sohail, Rohith Lankan, Dhaval Gada a

Nagarahavu Movie Review

Nagarahavu Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Nagarahavu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 21 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-10-2016
Genre: Thriller, Fantasy
3.25 / 5.0



Nagarahavu is an epic-fantasy film which is directed by Kodi Ramakrishna Rama Krishna more familiarly known as Kode Rama Kr >> Read More... Kodi Ramakrishna and Rohith Kannan. It isproduced by Sajid Qureshi Sajid Qureshi is an Indian film director, and writ >> Read More... Sajid Qureshi , Sohail, Rohith Lankan, Dhaval Gada Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, popularly known as DG, is >> Read More... Dhaval Gada and Ansari. Kodi Ramakrishna is famous for his Telugu movie Arundhati and Anji. The movie has been dubbed in Tamil as Shivanagam and in Telugu as Nagabharanam. The movie features Late Super Star Vishnuvardhan using advanced technology along with the famous Kannada actress Golden Girl Ramya. It is Ramya’s comeback after two years of her political career. Rajesh Vivek Rajesh Vivek is an Indian actor. He was born on 31 >> Read More... Rajesh Vivek and Diganth Manchale are also in the cast.


Nagarahavu is about a woman transforming into a snake to take revenge. The film begins with a flashback character named Naganika ( portrayed by actress Ramya). She and her forefathers have been saving a pot since hundreds of years. Evil Tantrik Kapali ( Rajesh Vivek) and his forefathers have been fighting with Naganika`s family since many years to get hold of this pot. Whether they achieved their mission or not forms the rest of the story.


The visual effect’s by Makuta VFX in the movie needs appreciation for bringing back the liveliness of each and every character on screen.  Late Super Star Vishnuvardhan appears as a majestic king just for a few minutes. The role could have had an extended stay owing to the fact that the legend had a great onscreen charisma.

Star Performance:

Late Super Star Vishnuvardhan has been brought before our eyes with advancement in technology; he is  found playing the role of a mythical King. Actress Ramya has played the role with utmost ease and the expressions at each scene with variations needs special mention. Diganth and Ramya have played the lead roles in the movie. The supporting actors have done justice to their roles. The music by Gurukiran is really appealing to the ears. Darshan appears in a cameo role in the movie. The perfect cuts are provided by the editor Jony Harsha and cinematography is done by Venu.

What is there?

1. The graphics by Makuta VFX proves to be a visual treat.

2. The execution of the movie by director Kodi Ramakrishna needs special mention.

3. The cinematography by Venu is eye catching.

What is not there?

1. The screenplay is cliched and the story is predictable. 


Need to thank the director for bringing back our Super Star Vishnuvardhan onscreen after a long time.  It is a must watch movie for the amazing visual effects.