Plot The plot of the movie Goli Soda involves four kids who take-in-charge to run a mess with the help of Tara in the market As a result with time they start

Goli Soda Kannada Movie Review

Goli Soda Kannada Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Goli Soda Kannada"
Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-09-2016
Genre: Drama, Comedy
3 / 5.0



Plot: The plot of the movie Goli Soda involves four kids who take-in-charge to run a mess with the help of Tara in the market. As a result, with time they start to be recognised in the locality as the Tara mess boys. Also, with the school passing by, they also try their luck on the romantic side. The head of the market is Naidu who not just helps the kids but also troubles them. Naidu destroys the mess as a result of which the kids come into a clash with him. Tara then is also kept as a bait to get the boys beaten up.

The boys then start taking revenge for the humiliation they face by getting beaten up. They all get separated and are left alone in different parts of the country. In the end, they all reunite and return to the market again.

Analysis: The film is a remake of a Tamil hit by the same name. The director of the film is Rahul Jaya who has directed movies like Rajadhani while Kolla Parveen is the producer who has co-produced films like Makiya and Power Star before. The music is by Rajesh Ramanath, and Sadhu Kokila does the background music.

The film’s story already was appreciated a lot. With respect to the fact that the Tamil film was such a huge hit, it is expected that this Kannada remake will too be as excellent as that one.

Star Performances: Ambarish plays a lead in the film along with actress Tara. Hemanth, Divya, Chandan, Vikram, Madhusudan, and Priyanka Jain are others who have prominent roles in the film. The performance by the actors is also good which is very much necessary to be able to put up a film like this with a strong storyline.

What’s there? The film being a remake of the Tamil hit film is sure to get a lot of attention but with really high expectations. One obviously can expect a really good story line.

What’s not there? The film is a remake so the story is already known to a great extent so the concept is well known.

Verdict: The film is a definite watch on account of the story that it depicts though it is a remake of another one.