This is a Kannada remake of the Tamil movie of the same name It has more less the same storyline as the rest of the Kannada movies made so far Hence there i

Goa Movie Review

Goa Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Goa"
Runtime: 2 Hours 11 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 06-03-2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
2 / 5.0



This is a Kannada remake of the Tamil movie of the same name. It has more/ less the same storyline as the rest of the Kannada movies made so far. Hence, there isn’t anything extraordinarily special in it.

Plot: - The film is about the life story of three men (Komal, Shrikanth, and Tharun) who have the misconception that wealth can easily be acquired by marrying a foreign girl. They are so mad about becoming rich that they steal gold ornaments of their local village goddess. They end up getting caught but somehow manage to escape and decide to run away to Goa, where they soon meet the trio. Komal ends up falling in love with Rachel while the other two have their eyes on the two Indian girls. They have a blast of a time at the beach and travel through the whole of Goa. However, they soon realize that they are being stalked. Watch more to know if they get caught or user their ridiculous tactics to escape yet again?!

Analysis:  The storyline is poor, and there was no necessity to make a remake as there is nothing seemingly appealing about this movie. But it doesn’t fail to entertain the audience. The comedy surely has to be appreciated and has proved to be the major plus point of the entire movie.

Star Performances: - Komal, Tharun, and Srikanth have done an excellent job. The three girls look breathtakingly stunning onscreen. Bullet Prakash’s comedy is, as usual, hilarious and makes you whoop with laughter. The scenes have been shot in extremely exotic locations. Rakesh has done an awesome job by catching all of these beautiful scenes on cam and moreover, at the perfect timing!!

What's There?

1) The comedy is the best part of the entire movie.

2) The dialogues are hilarious!

3) The scenery and beach view were captured perfectly.

4) The lighting and ambiance are totally breathtaking!

What's Not There?

1) A strong storyline could have lifted up the film’s standards.

2) The first half is too boring and the second half is too predictable.

Verdict: - It is the perfect movie to watch if you are looking forward to two hours of some insane laughter!!!