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Malashri is known for her action-oriented films and Ganga is her latest outing. Director and scriptwriter Sai Prakash has understood what may work for Malashr

Ganga Movie Review

Ganga Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Written by Rahul Kapoor
Review for the film " Ganga"
Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar
Runtime: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 22-10-2015
Genre: Action, Drama
1.5 / 5.0

Malashri is known for her action-oriented films and Ganga is her latest outing. Director and scriptwriter Sai Prakash Sai Prakash aka Sai Reddy is a renowned film produ >> Read More... Sai Prakash has understood what may work for Malashri at this juncture and has written a script that is apt for her. And it is heartening that Malashri, even at this age, virtually steals the show.
In Ganga, Malashri doesn’t depend on men, to overcome obstacles. Instead, she is quite brave. Yes, she plays the role of an auto driver who struggles to make both ends meet for her family. She takes care of her sibling Pavithra (widow) and also brings up the latter’s kids. In fact, Malashri has high aspirations for these kids. But well, the story doesn’t end with this. Our brave heroine cannot tolerate the injustices happening in the society, and as determined as she is on this mission too, she forgoes several things. 
Malashri does dare-devil stunts and gets the whistles of the audience. But again, the viewers surely have seen these tricks before, and they very well know that the goondas would get a lesson in life. Predictable right! But credit should be given to the director for relying on Malashri’s action streak even at this age. 
This film is surely reminiscing of Malashri's earlier flicks. Perhaps the intention of the director is just to showcase Malashri’s prowess in action scenes. Malashri is the single fighter with virtually no help, there is the expected baddie who has to learn a lesson or two in his life and importantly the punch dialogues………..all these are very well tested earlier in Malashri’s flicks. 
If there are only action sequences the audience will get bored, so predictably the director has interspersed some sentiments in the film. However, since Malashri seems to be angry with most of the things in society, one is left wondering as to against whom is her real battle.
The comedy track of Sadhu Kokila Sadhu Kokila is a Kannada actor who primarily work >> Read More... Sadhu Kokila is not up to the mark. In fact, I fear this comedy will only give counter effect to the otherwise action-oriented movie.
Verdict: Malashri alone can’t lift this film. She might have done that in her heydays but now since the audience are used to such films, there should have been more sophistication in the movie.