Ashtitva is a Kannada movie It released on 19 August 2016 Nuthan Umesh is the director of the film The cast is Yuvraj Prajwal Pooviah and Duniya Rashmi in

Asthitva Movie Review

Asthitva Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Asthitva"
Runtime: 2 Hours 24 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-08-2016
Genre: Action
2.5 / 5.0



Ashtitva is a Kannada movie. It released on 19 August 2016. Nuthan Umesh is the director of the film. The cast is Yuvraj, Prajwal Pooviah, and Duniya Rashmi in the lead role. You will find Shine Shetty and Sonu Gowda in the supporting cast. It is an action movie. It is the first time on a screen that Yuvraj is in the main lead role.

Plot: The plot is on Astitva. Yuvraj is playing the role of Ash hit a. He is an orphan child. He gets fame when he makes an entry in the illegal things. The story tells us about Ashtitva. Once in a while, his friends miss out. The people consider him a criminal. They have an assumption that he is the culprit behind this missing friend. The real challenge is in the front of him to prove himself as an innocent. What he needs to do while doing all these things and how the other people help him out from this, you can catch this in the film.

Analysis: The director Nuthan Umesh has given the Ashtitva as a hit movie after the movie Krishnan Marriage Story. He has given the good direction in this film as well. He has worked with the new cast.The script caught the attention of the audience. It has a new concept. It is a mysterious story. The audience will enjoy the drama in the new thing. There is a new face in this cinema. The famous Vijay Antony has given the music. The spectators enjoy the music. B S Vishwa Cariappa has given the production to the script.

Star Performance: Yuvaraj gave justice to his role. He worked hard for his role in the story. Still, he needs to do more work on the acting. The lady actress is average in the performance. The supporting cast can do better than this. The script saves the movie from spoil. The director needs to work on the acting. Although there is no big cast in this, still did well.

What’s there?

1. The story catches your attention.

2. The music is good.

3. The action scenes are good.

What’s not there?

1. The acting of the cast needs to improve.

2. The technical aspects are not well in many places.

Verdict: If you want to hear good music and want to watch action scenes with the thriller you can check out for this.