The Happy Birthday is a Kannada film. The K. Mahesh Sukhadare is the director of the movie. In the lead role, you will get Sachin and SumskruthyShenoy. It is re

Happy Birthday Movie Review

Happy Birthday Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Happy Birthday"
Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-08-2016
Genre: Action, Romance
3.5 / 5.0



The Happy Birthday is a Kannada film. The K. Mahesh Sukhadare is the director of the movie. In the lead role, you will get Sachin and SumskruthyShenoy. It is released on 26 August 2016. It is an action, romance, and the comedy drama.

Plot: The life is so small to regret about anything. The life is lovable when we make something for the other. The story focuses on the Achyuth Kumar Achyuth Kumar was born in Bangalore. He has acted >> Read More... Achyuth Kumar and Sachin. It is the role of the fate, where two people meet with each other. They fall in love, and the story begins. The story starts in the village of Mandya. It shows the background, culture, and language of the Mandya locality. The Achyuth Kumar asked Sachin to complete his three wishes. The Anjali who is the daughter of Achyuth Kumar falls in love with the Sachin. You will catch the romance and the comedy. It is a romantic and action film. The presence of humor of laughing scene makes the audience happy.

Analysis: The Happy Birthday is making the debut of the hero and heroine. The audience is enjoying the romantic scenes. The viewers are giving the positive feedback about the action and comedy drama. The scene in the movie is of the forest land of the village. You can catch this in the theater with the family as well. The Sachin is the son of former minister Cheluvarayaswamy’s. The performance of the cast is well in the script. The new face has performed well.

The director K. Mahesh Sukhadare has given his direction to the film. He has also written the script. The K. Mahesh’s first two movies were depending on the city life, but in this, it has changed the script. The Ravi Sharma is the action director. He has done the complete action direction as per the script demand. The V. Harikrishna has composed the music. The editing and background score of the film is well. The Cheluvarayaswamy and Bhagyaarethe producer of the movie.

Star Performances: The Sachin is making the debut in the film. He has given the immense energy in the role. He looks good in the action, romantic, and emotion scenes. The debut of the female lead Samskrithi Shenoy has given a complete justice. Her beauty is the strength for the film. She worked in the Malayalam movies as well. The role of Achyuth Kumar is in the supporting role is well. Another supporting cast is also well in the acting. All the cast performance influences the film in the beautiful depiction. Although the story is not new, the way of presentation is well.

What’s there?

1. The performance of the newcomer is well in all the aspects, as per the script demand.

2. The technical aspects like cinematography and editing are the good. It gives the added advantage for the film.

What’s not there?

1. The story is not new in the concept. It is a common story which audience knows beforehand.

2. The sense at some point becomes slower, which does not forward with the time.

Verdict: If you wish to see romance, action, drama, and comedy in the one place, then the sits are waiting for you. It will be worth to catch the actions of new debut in the movie.