Plot nbsp Tired of a mundane life three middle- aged sexagenarians make plans to spice up their life With high libido and roving eyes they decide to pack

The Shaukeens Movie Review

The Shaukeens Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " The Shaukeens"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 07-11-2014
Genre: Comedy
2.9 / 5.0



Plot: Tired of a mundane life, three middle- aged, sexagenarians, make plans to spice up their life. With high libido and roving eyes, they decide to pack their kacchas and go to Mauritius. Ahana, is a free designer who recycles used products into something new. She just broke up with her boyfriend. In her mindlessness, she comes to her family owned house, in Mauritius, to stay. It happens so, that those three “hawkers for action” with high libido, meet Ahana, rent her bungalow and provide her a shoulder to cry on, in anticipation of some action from her. But when she sees her favorite actor and superstar, she tries to woo him.

Analysis: Abhishek Sharma has done a brilliant job of erasing every memory of the classic Shaukeen, from our minds, with this movie. They say that a model should not be molded but handled with care. And such criminal molding should be vehemently opposed. The Anupam Kher-Piyush Mishra and Anu Kapoor trio have worked very hard to make us understand a very simple point, “they too need it, time to time.” A story of three sexually frustrated men, who leech on each girl they see, objectifying them, meet a girl who broke up because, her boyfriend did not like her work, can’t contain their excitement at seeing her, at a beautiful location as Mauritius.

A cherry on the rotten cake was Akshay’s cameo role, precisely what he did his best, as an actor, be a hot favorite of girls. The trouble with the movie is that, the film, as well as the characters, hit the wrong button, in every scene. Akshay’s double role as the narrator and the cameo is probably the only one, who genuinely has some fun. The movie lacks truly happy moments. What you shall find are pretty much the lol moments, and forced laughter, which you shall have to do.

Verdict: it is a one time watch at your own risk.