Plot The Stoneman Murders is based on a real life incident of killings in Mumbai in 1983 A serial killer called as Stoneman by the media used a stone as his

The Stoneman Murders Movie Review

The Stoneman Murders Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " The Stoneman Murders"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-02-2009
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: The Stoneman Murders is based on a real life incident of killings in Mumbai in 1983. A serial killer called as Stoneman, by the media, used a stone as his weapon to crush heads of the pavement dwellers. He happened to claim his fifth victim who is of little interest to the Bombay Police. Sanjay Shelar, a suspended sub-inspector, wants to investigate and find out the murderer, to regain his position. With the help of a secret aid of his AIG, Sanjay takes the tedious task hunting down the killer. The real police officer who is supposed to handle the case Kedar, more often than not, clashes with Sanjay over the murderer.

Thus, they separately investigate over the matter. While Sanjay takes up the case as a serious business, his wife thinks, he is having an affair. While the real police officer, handling the case thinks the murderer is linked to Sanjay, and performing some tribal ritual, later, in fact, shoots him, Sanjay feels different. In the end, Kamble, turns out, as the killer and attacks Sanjay, but both were successfully saved by the police. Kamble’s arrest closes the matter there itself. Later, it is revealed that a man with a voice similar to Satam is performing a sacred ritual and asks another person to give him nine offerings of humans, but this time, people from Calcutta.

Analysis: The story is as confusing as I had taken the time to comprehend while I saw the movie. Based on the real incidents, it tried to suit the taste of the general audience by adding a tad bit of jealousy, a rivalry between two police officers, aspiring a promotion by solving a complicated case like this. Out of all the unconventional actors present, in the industry, Kay Kay Menon seems to taut portrayals of his man on edge characters, in a very convincing manner. In this movies, he portrays an aggressive cop who wants to solve the mystery of the Stoneman murderer genuinely, even though his force differs from him, based on a custodial killing done in past.

On the other hand, Arbaaz is shown as an able, strong character, who breaks bones of pickpockets here and there, this being his daily work. The film has ample potential for a thrill, which it arduously tries to cover throughout the movie, but the blending seems a little too disproportionate, as it loses track somewhere. Amidst all this tension, the weak link is the wife, who has a supporting actor role, but is a weak character.

Verdict: It’s a one time watch!