Sunshine Music Tours And Travels  is  an  Indian comedy-drama that hit the theatres on 2 September 2016 directed by Shailendra Singh, his first venture as a

Sunshine Music Tours And Travels Movie Review

Sunshine Music Tours And Travels Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Sunshine Music Tours And Travels"
Runtime: 2 hours
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-09-2016
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

Sunshine Music Tours And Travels is an Indian comedy-drama that hit the theatres on 2 September 2016 directed by Shailendra Singh Shailendra Singh is an Indian singer. He is a Boll >> Read More... Shailendra Singh , his first venture as a director. It was produced by Hayre Entertainment and Percept Pictures. Shailendra Singh had been a famous Bollywood producer having produced 74 films in his career.


The story follows the life of two young boys, Sunburn ( Sunny Kaushal Sunny Kaushal is the son of Sham Kaushal, who is a >> Read More... Sunny Kaushal ) and Rajma Romeo ( Ashrut Jain Seen in Ramleela , 6-5=2,admission open ,rajma rom >> Read More... Ashrut Jain ), living in the hills of Kashmir. Orphaned at birth, the boys have been brought up by a dhaba owner, Sardar Sodhi(Jaswinder Singh), and have spent their entire lives working at Dhaba. Sunburn, named by Sodhi after his obsession with the music festival of Sunburn, has dreamt of only one thing in his entire life attending India's biggest EDM festival the Sunburn festival in Goa. But without money, without any help, Goa seems like an unreachable dream. His best friend, Rajma Romeo, then cracks a master plan, of creating a fake tour company, named 'Sunshine Music Tours and Travels'. With the help of social media, the news of their company spreads like wildfire in all over India. And with that starts the road trip of a lifetime, from Kashmir to Delhi, Jaipur, Ahemdabad and then eventually Goa. On their way, the boys are joined by strangers, who come on board the bus with the same agenda.


In the movie the passion for Sunny’s character to go crazy on Sunburn , India’s premier electronic music brand is not described anywhere . The reason behind his inspiration does not give a clear cut. Be it the hero who keeps running in the snow and going topless in homage to Salman Khan (played by Sunny Kaushal) or his Aalia Bhatt bhakt sidekick/friend (Ashrut Abhinan Jain); the bansuri playing Peter baba (Suhas Joshi) or a horny blogger (Deepak Kalra). Things get worse because none of the actors, including Vicky Kaushal’s brother Sunny in the lead (who is called Sunburn), seem to have any previous experience with the camera.

Star Performance:

The film features an ensemble cast of debutantes, including the lead being played by Sunny Kaushal, the son of veteran action director Sham Kaushal and younger brother of Bollywood actor, Vicky Kaushal. The film was extensively shot in Kashmir, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahemdabad and Goa, while using real time footage of the Sunburn festival of 2015.

What’s There ?

1. Landscapes covered are mesmerizing.

2. Real-time shooting of the Sunburn festival 2015.

What’s Not There?

1. The characters don't stay in memory.

2. The screenplay has no power packed performances.


Forget memorable, the passengers are so irritating that one would rather hop off the film and abort the trip altogether. Overall a different experience.