Ramayana is amongst the oldest tales ever told by Indians. It is mainly popular among children as they were told about how Rama rescued his love Sita and killed

Ramayana: The Epic Movie Review

Ramayana: The Epic  Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Ramayana: The Epic"
Runtime: 1 Hour 38 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 15-10-2010
Genre: Animation
3 / 5.0



Ramayana is amongst the oldest tales ever told by Indians. It is mainly popular among children as they were told about how Rama rescued his love Sita and killed Ravana. There are novels, short stories, comics, movies and animated movies which recite this epic tale. One such animated movie released on 15th, October 2010 on the occasion of Dussehra. Chetan Desai Chetan Desai is a renowned Indian film Director, w >> Read More... Chetan Desai directed this animation. The movie featured the voices of veteran actress Juhi Chawla Juhi Chawla is a renowned Indian actress and produ >> Read More... Juhi Chawla and the very talented Manoj Bajpai. It took over five years to complete. The cinematography was also done by Chetan Desai, which was impressive. The movie was released by the popular American entertainment company, Warner Bros, after they had acquired the rights. It was released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil initially and later was dubbed in English.

When an animated picture is made, the cast mostly does not matter. It’s the animation which would attract the audience. Chetan Desai took three years to design the characters in the movie. The other 2-3 years took for producing the film. Maya Digital Media, which was owned by Chetan himself, produced the picture. The story was not hidden from anyone, but Rituraj Tripathi did a fantastic job to keep the story crisp and short. The editing work was also good as the running time of the movie was just 98 minutes. Sayed Sher Pandit edited the film.
Juhi Chawla put life into Sita’s character with her voice and Manoj Bajpai in Ram’s role. The other two had been given by Ashutosh Rana A versatile actor, Ashutosh has worked in Indian f >> Read More... Ashutosh Rana and Mukesh Rishi Mukesh Rishi is one of the best actors who has don >> Read More... Mukesh Rishi . Ashutosh was the voice of the evil Ravana and Mukesh Rishi of Hanuman, a devotee of Ram. The film required over 400 people for the completion of this project. All the hard work was rewarded as the movie was rated 3.5 stars by critics and made a fortune of 1.45 crores.

The story is well known to all. Lord Ram marries Sita after winning a competition set by Sita’s father. Lord Ram is known for his kindness and his power which God gave him. Ram and his brother Laxman are always on the prowl for peace or devotion also known as ‘yagye’ in Hindi. Ram loves his wife from his heart and promises to protect her from all the evil and keep her happy all her life. Sita forces Ram and joins him on ‘yagye’. When they reach the city of Lanka, Ram gets to see the terror that has been spread by Ravana. He challenges Ravana to a fight, but Ravana realizing the power of Ram abducts Sita when Ram is away. Ram is furious with his brother Laxman who was asked to stay back to protect Sita. Hanuman, a devotee of Ram, is tasked to bring Sita back. Ram then fights with an 10 headed Ravana and kills him with a ‘Chakra’ which had a super power. The city of Lanka is finally freed from the terror. They thank Ram for his kindness. While on the way back from Lanka to Ayodhya Ram, and his soldiers celebrate their victory. Diwali is celebrated on this very day. The animation will keep your eyes tight, and the story of good vs. evil will keep you interested.

If you want to watch The Ramayana in animation, then Chetan Desai’s Ramayana: The Epic is the one for you. Also, the kids will love the movie for its animation.