Kookie V Gulati directed the Indian action thriller Prince It was released on 9th April 2010 The film was produced by Ramesh Taurani and written by Rensil

Prince - It's Showtime Movie Review

Prince - It's Showtime Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Prince - It's Showtime"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-04-2010
Genre: Action, Thriller
2 / 5.0

Kookie V. Gulati directed the Indian action thriller, Prince. It was released on 9th April, 2010. The film was produced by Ramesh Taurani and written by Rensil D’Silva. The film features Vivek Oberoi in the lead role. The film was released in India and worldwide on 9th April itself. The film grossed 11 crores and performed very badly in the international market. It could not match the standards that were set by ‘ My Name Is Khan’ and ‘ 3 Idiots’. Nandana Sen, Aruna Shields and Neeru Bajwa are also a part of the film. The music in the film did not do great, but one particular song by Atif Aslam, ‘ Tere Liye’, was loved by many.


Vivek Oberoi was seen as Prince in the lead role. Neeru Bajwa and Nandana Sen, each has different roles, but play the role of Prince’s girlfriend, Maya, to find a mystery chip. The real Maya is played by Aruna Shields. Manish Anand plays Mike, who is a friend of Prince. Sanjay Kapoor is seen as a CBI officer. In the run of events, Maya is in a race against time to save Prince.


Prince is shown as a burglar. He is sharp and smart with his moves. He wakes up, one day, not remembering anything. At a club, he meets a girl who claims to be Maya, his girlfriend. The very next morning, he meets another girl, who also claims to be Maya. However, she is Serena, who works for Sarang. Sarang is the villain. He has sent Serena, played by Nandana Sen, to steal a chip from Prince. The chip has a unique power of changing one’s thoughts. Prince is fooled by Serena. She says she will give the chip to the police, but instead gives to Sarang.

Later, it is revealed that the chip is a fake. Prince is trapped by Sarang, but the real Maya, played by Aruna Shields, comes to save Prince. She narrates to him that the chip has been installed in him, because of which he has lost his memory. Prince’s brain now works as a computer, but undergoes a break down every night, which puts Prince under immense pain. He has only six days to live. On the last day, Maya finds the coin, which can save Prince’s life. Serena chases Prince and Maya. Prince faints and is pulled in by a mysterious car. Maya immediately receives a call and is asked to come to a location if she wants Prince alive. The caller is none other than Prince’s friend, Mike. Maya is told that the chip, that Priya has fled with, is fake.

While they are helping Prince gain consciousness, Sarang and his men attack Priya and are after Prince. Prince wakes up from his sleep and fights with Sarang. Sarang is eventually killed, and Prince looks to live a happy life with his girlfriend, Maya. The story ends with a glimpse that Serena is not dead, hinting for a sequel in the coming years.


The film failed to do any remarkable business, but claimed good reviews from critics. It was awarded three stars. The film did not work anyway as its screening was reduced from many multiplexes. If you are looking for an action packed movie, Prince could be the one. It has a very high profile chase, which grabbed a lot of attraction.