Society they say is the reflection of movies but if that fact holds true then films also are a reflection of society Miss Lovely-the two worlds exactly st

Miss Lovely Movie Review

Miss Lovely Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Miss Lovely"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 17-01-2014
3.5 / 5.0



Society, they say is the reflection of movies, but if that fact holds true then, films also are a reflection of society. Miss Lovely-the two worlds, exactly stands as a testimony to this fact. Directed by Ashim Ahluwalia Ashim Ahluwalia was born in Mumbai in 1972. He is >> Read More... , the film spans the journey of every character engaged and its so genuine that at a point one forgets that they aren’t just watching the movie, they are witnessing a reality.

The story set in mid-1980’s is of two brothers who make C grade movies, its about  that segment which treats women merely as objects. The movie is dark, but its conflicts set it apart. Sonu, one of the brothers, wants to break the mold and become a successful  movie director. Where dreams are concerned, there is either fire that makes a man or the one which burns him to ruins. A mix of both is experienced by Sonu as he sets on the journey of making a clean film with Pinky in the lead. The consequences are yet to be thought about, what will his brother have to say, will the movie finally get Sonu there, besides will Pinky’s  reigning Bollywood dreams come true?

The script had it all that could make it a package Bollywood movie, but the director took the less taken route of making it different from the contemporary. The movie’s USP is that it portrays the things the way they are, not exaggerating, not hiding, just the truth. The content, characters, camera work is conspicuous, but the film is slow-paced.

Star Performances:
Nawazuddin Siddique as Sonu is so believable and transparent, it feels almost like he is unaware of the camera shooting him, just doing his thing. Niharika Singh The charming and scintillating actress was born on >> Read More... as Pinky is bewitching partly because the character is multi-layered and meaty and partly because debutants are not expected to deliver such pitch perfect performance.

What’s there?
Every movie has a set of feelings that it aims to transfer to the audience. This one has a touch of hideous reality. The actor performances  are to be looked out for.

What’s not there?
Its not one of those movies which will make you feel blithe  in the end and its makers have resolved that Indian  audience might not like it.

The film deserves to be watched, for every person involved with it has delivered the best. And all reasons aside, the film, by its very nature is brave.