Khuda Kasam Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Khuda Kasam"
Runtime: 2 Hours 34 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 26-09-2010
Genre: Action
1 / 5.0



Sangeeta Pictures' Khuda Kasam starring Sunny Deol and Tabu in the lead roles, is a story about a small-town hero and an honest CBI officer fighting against a corrupted and powerful politician. The movie was initially named as "the challenge", which was then renamed as Khuda Kasam.K C Bokadia directed this film while it is produced by Amit Kumar Bokadia and Malook Nagar.


Hussain (Sunny Deol) is a Muslim truck driver working for a corrupted home minister who smuggles illegal weapons. He is being convicted of false charges by his owner who is executing the assassination of the chief minister. Neetu (Tabu), the police officer investigating the murder, finds out the truth and is chased down by the criminals. Neetu then comes back after being disguised collecting all the evidence against the accused. Hussain after completing his jail term comes with the intention of revenge. In the end, both Hussain and Neetu come together for the demolition of the villain.

Star performances

Acting by Sunny Deol is satisfactory. But Tabu’s performances was disagreeable. Sunny Deol was a favorable choice as the role suited him and was appropriate.


Just like other many Bollywood movies, this movie does not have any new concept or script. It was the same old story where the hero is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, and then he comes back for revenge. Except for action and dialogues the movie does not have any other quality.

What’s there?

Dialogue delivery by Sunny is superb.

What’s not there?

•    The script is not up to the mark.
•    The casting is unpleasant.
•    It lacks emotional depth.
•    The story doesn’t have any specific direction.


The movie is too boring. Watching it would be a waste of time.