Manish Srivastav directed GO made me haywire and I didn rsquo t know where to go Soon I realized it was my mistake that I didn rsquo t take the name seriously

Go Movie Review

Go Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Go"
Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-10-2009
Genre: Romance
1 / 5.0

Manish Srivastav directed GO made me haywire, and I didn’t know where to go. Soon I realized it was my mistake that I didn’t take the name seriously as the name not only gives an idea of the story but also a warning…“‘GO’ BACK”. So, there is one more word, BACK, on the movie’s title that doesn’t appear on poster to avoid space issues. Ram Gopal Verma’s GO and Aag are neck and neck. Lord knows how, once a fine movie producer like RGV could approve for such a script.


Abhay played by Gautam Gupta and Vasundhara portrayed by Priyanka Kothari are neighbors who are madly in love with each other. Fed up of their overbearing parents, they leave their house and go to Goa. At the same time, in other part of city, Deputy Chief Minister Praveen Deshpande played by Govind Namdeo is assassinated by Chief Minister Arjun Patil ( Ravi Kale).

Bihari records all this and starts blackmailing the CM and eventually gets killed by CM’s men. The murder might have gone unnoticed had the tape wouldn’t have ended up with the couple. Life becomes a race for Abhay and Vasundhara as all, CM’s henchmen, a rogue cop, Nagesh Rao ( Kay Kay Menon), a crafty conman ( Rajpal Yadav) and a ruthless killer ( Sherveer Vakil), are after them.


GO resembles Ram Gopal Verma’s earlier flick, Daud. GO is a 21st-century movie with the 8os plot. The beginning is very well, but it looses excitement by the time it reaches the climax. Go is a mindless and funny movie with some good performances such as Rajpal Yadav’s compelling humor.

Star Performances

Gautam’s performance is to watch in a couple of scenes. His expressions and right dialogue delivery with well-choreographed stunts are his act’s plus point. His well-toned physique is an added advantage.

Nisha Kothari excels in her role. Rajpal Yadav’s does a very good job of playing the conman from Bihar. Ravi Kale, Govind Namdeo and Sherveer Vakil couldn’t make their presence feel. Much more was expected from Kay Kay Menon.

What’s there?

Though there is nothing concrete in GO, however, its music do go with the film.

What’s not there?

Cinematography lacks luster.

The screenplay is directionless.

The storyline is old and pretentious.


One can (should) always miss such a movie. Go for the TV premier and save your money.