This movie is a remake of Brute Almighty and it is pretty evident after watching the movie that it 39 s worse than it It doesn 39 t come off as a surprise t

God Tussi Great Ho Movie Review

God Tussi Great Ho Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " God Tussi Great Ho"
Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 15-08-2008
Genre: Comedy, Romance
1.5 / 5.0

This movie is a remake of Brute Almighty, and it is pretty evident after watching the movie that it's worse than it. It doesn't come off as a surprise that the writer turned director Rumi Jaffery denied that it was a copy of it. The movie turned out to be a disaster since nothing about it made me like it even remotely. It was a mess from the beginning to the end.


The plot is meaningless and pointless. Some people can probably accept this ridiculous storyline considering it as a fantasy. This is the story of God, who comes down to earth and shares his 'godly' powers with a human who spends most of the time cursing God, to make him understand his plight and problems. Think it's a new and creative storyline? There is more to it. The human is none other than our hero Arjun ( Salman Khan) who used to be a successful anchor. He hits on Alia ( Priyanka Chopra). After a series of events, his life goes downhill and enters Arun ( Sohail Khan) who, not so surprisingly hits on Alia as well. He cusses and blames God for all his problems. The God ( Amitabh Bachchan) who is fed up hearing his complaints, decides to give him a visit and asks him to be God for ten whole days. The movie is all about what he does in these ten gifted days. The ending is highly predictably since we all know he can't be God for life and it's more about the lessons and morals he learns from the great experience.


I think it was a bad idea for Rumi Jaffery to turn director with this movie. I suppose he couldn't give his 100% focus on either direction or writing. The script has so many loopholes that I eventually lost count. Even though I went with an open mind, I still found it too hard to fathom and accept the idea. It was not convincing, the songs and sets came off as a mere distraction. Since the story has nothing much to offer and is too silly, these distractions help in getting through the complete movie. Since the story is a direct rip-off, I expected more from the script, but unfortunately, even that failed. The story lost its value since the script was modified to suit the Bollywood Style. Starting from the sets, the interior designs, to the wardrobe, nothing was impressive. It was too boisterous and loud.

What's there and not there

There is no good story or flow or characterization. Some on the songs by Sajid Wajid are catchy but doesn't go well with the movie. Some jokes are laughable, but most of them fall flat. Anupam Kher is fun to watch on screen and adds some flavor to the movie.

Star Performances

Either the role doesn't suit him or the character is too silly and pathetic, but Salman's performance is not worth appreciating. His comic timing doesn't click, and his acting comes off being very lousy. Priyanka Chopra is wasted in this role. Her role is a mere doll for the heroes to swoon over. There is no depth or personality to her character. She looks pretty, though. I still can't think of a single reason as to why even Bachchan Sir picked up this role. The role is a disgrace for a talented actor to him. Though he tries to put in his best efforts, he fails to save the movie. Sohail Khan too has nothing to offer. He doesn't even try to act.

Verdict This movie is an utter waste of time and money. Buying a DVD of Brute Almighty is a better alternative. Though it's not great, it is any day better than this.