Plot Dhoom 3 is a sequel made from its earlier version and it has Aamir Khan the perfectionist teamed up with Katrina Kaiffor the first time Abhishek Bachcha

Dhoom 3 Movie Review

Dhoom 3 Movie Review Hindi
Movie story for the film "Dhoom 3"
Runtime: 2 Hours 58 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 20-12-2013
Genre: Action, Thriller
2.8 / 5.0

Plot: Dhoom 3 is a sequel made from its earlier version and it has Aamir Khan, the perfectionist teamed up with Katrina Kaiffor the first time. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra also provided the supporting cast.

This was the first film to be released in the MAX Motion picture film format. This is the highest grossing Bollywood film released then, in international markets and turned Aamir Khan again into action hero after Ghajini. Well, girls do not miss this movie because, Aamir Khan had a new look with a hat.

This perfectionist actor is not a skilled dancer, but he matched the queen bee Katrina in a song sequence and the chemistry between Khan and Katrina sizzled so well, that Aaamir wanted to do another film with Katrina. The Kamili song with Aamir Khan was the biggest chartbuster, in which Katrina and Aamir did an intense training to perform it. The film had excessive stunts, that were executed in foreign locations and it was extremely liked by all the generations. The stunt scenes were thrilling, realistic or may be even unrealistic too.

Dhooom-3 had no major story line. It is a story of an owner of a circus, played by Jackie Shroff,. Aamir Khan is Jackie’s son, who performs in circus as well. The circus company falls to repay the loan to Western Bank of Chicago and is defaulted. What happens later is the real story!

Jackie Shroff gives an intense performance. Aaamir Khan, who is a heart-throb for younger generation, makes his performance more intense with his abs and deltoids. He has perfect wardrobes for the role in every scene and this is a perfect thing to watch! Katrina is wasted in a dance number as she shakes her belly and legs too much. Abhishek and Uday Chopra do their roles convincingly.

People can watch this movie umpteen times for songs and for a number of car chase sequences, which is well shot and highlight of the film. The camera work is indeed a beautiful piece of art in motion. Do not miss the movie if you are a die hard fan to watch Indian version of a James Bond piece. Aamir Khan, who changed the box office game in the film industry, shines very much in the box office again. Go and watch it!