Plot nbsp Rituparna Sengupta and Khogiram Atul Kulkarni are wife and husband They have two children Rimzim Zia and Pinu Darsheel They nbsp all were l

Bumm Bumm Bole Movie Review

Bumm Bumm Bole Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Bumm Bumm Bole"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-05-2010
Genre: Drama, Thriller
2 / 5.0

Rituparna Sengupta Rituparna Sengupta is as Indian actress who has co >> Read More... and Khogiram ( Atul Kulkarni Atul Kulkarni was born in the year 1965 in Karnata >> Read More... ) are wife and husband. They have two children, Rimzim (Zia) and Pinu (Darsheel). They all were living in a region that was a terrorist outfit. Ritu and Khogiram are working on a tea plantation and their income is sufficient to manage the things at home. It was in Khogiram’s interest to send his children to a high-end school. However, due to the financial mismatch the kids faced some difficulties and are unable to perform to their standards in the school. One day Pinu accidentally misplaces Rimzim's shoe in a vegetable shop. After that, Pinu requests Rimzim not to reveal about the shoe to his mother. As their father was not in a position to buy new shoes they came up with a scheme where they both will use only one pair of shoe. In the mornings, Rimzim will wear the shoe and go to school and in afternoons, she will give the shoe to Pinu to send him to school. On one day, Rimzim saw her old lost shoes with a girl. She follows the girl with her brother and finds out that the little girl was also very poor and not in a position to buy a new pair of shoe. Finally, at the end of the movie Pinu participated in a marathon where the third prize is a new pair of sneakers. He won the race and got the first prize, which was actually free education. So ultimately he was unable to give his sister a new pair of shoe.

The main target audience of this movie was children. If that is the case though there is a bomb blast in the initial face of the movie, there was a rape attempt and there are some times where the background sounds are little bit scary for children. Therefore, the director failed in this aspect, where they are unable to end the movie according to their target audience. It was also a family oriented movie, where the parents are working hard to send their children to a good school for better education. Surely, the audience will expect more from a director whose previous movies were some amazing hits. 

Star Performers:
The two children, Zia and Darsheel, did some amazing acting in this film. They reached upto the expectations of the crew and the audience. Mainly Darsheel, who showed his amazing performance in TAARE ZAMEEN PAR, once again played a similar role and did his part to make it successful. Their parents, Rituparna Sengupta and Khogiram, also showed their skill of acting in the characters of the mother and father.

This movie was a good one where parents can take their children along. The climax for this movie was stretched endlessly though. The shoes are the only focus in this film. Instead of that, the director should think from the broader perspective of a children and family oriented script.