Plot The story revolves around a professional hired gun Mangal Singh trying to fulfill his contract of killing stock market con man Manu Gupta Manu Gupta i

Bumboo Movie Review

Bumboo Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Bumboo"
Runtime: 2 Hours 06 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 30-03-2012
Genre: Comedy
2 / 5.0




The story revolves around a professional hired gun, Mangal Singh Born on January 30, 1953, in Kapurthala, Punjab, M >> Read More... , trying to fulfill his contract of killing stock market con man Manu Gupta. Manu Gupta is to be tried in Goa High Court, so Mangal Singh decides to kill him when Manu Gupta is brought to court, and hence Mangal Singh checks in a hotel opposite to court. Suresh Sudhakar, a journalist, is assigned to cover Manu Gupta’s trial and hence he checks in the same hotel as Mangal Singh and adjacent to his room with a connecting door. Suresh tries to meet Pinky, his ex-wife, but because she refuses to meet him, Suresh attempts suicide but doesn’t succeed. Hearing all the ruckus, the bellboy who was in Mangal Singh’s room goes to Suresh’s room, leading to an interaction between Mangal and Suresh. Rest of the story progresses as to how Mangal attempts to kill Manu but fails because of constant interruptions caused by Suresh.

Star Performances

All the actors justified their roles. But one wonders why they keep shouting throughout the movie!


The plot is simple and different. It shows how sometimes fate can play wicked tricks and stop you from committing a crime and changing your life forever. It also shows that sometimes life also gives you second chances so you should never give up.

What’s There?

 This movie shows the role of fate or destiny in our lives. When we make a plan, we never count destiny, and it is something that can flip our plan in seconds.

What’s Not There?

 The plot although being different is not very interesting. No innovative comedy.


The movie tries to tickle your humor bones but only does so partially.