This movie doesn rsquo t sound synonymous with the word ldquo COMEDY rdquo The attempt was to make it a slapstick comedy that it moderately does giving you

You Again Movie Review

You Again Movie Review English
Review for the film " You Again"
Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 15-10-2010
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0

This movie doesn’t sound synonymous with the word “COMEDY”. The attempt was to make it a slapstick comedy that it moderately does, giving you occasional giggles. Marni ( Kristen Bell) our main protagonist, a freckled nerdy girl who is mercilessly harangued by her schoolmates, continues to complain how she hates school and wants to get out as soon as possible.

Moving eight years ahead and here we are, glancing over a completely transformed Marni. She is now a Public Relations Executive going with the tide when suddenly tables are turned. She returns to where she started when she sees her old life make a comeback. But it is of course not in the same way as it used to be. Everything has changed, and she has to be a part of it and resolve it too. You Again is a lukewarm comedy on things and people and time that comes back humorously. This movie though was intended to be more than comedy, but the plots were so raw and incomplete that it ran out of breath. The cinematography is not that bad which moves back and forth from old to modern times and adds warmth. Somewhere I must say it gives a good feel. But the drawbacks are non-introducing approaches to characters, That is we are not told directly who is who? And it unceremoniously unravels down the movie. What is cute(and sadly boringly childish)is that Marni is trying to erase her dark school memories that are visible in the little catfights that she gets into with her bullies that are present in her brother’s wedding. It is one bad thing from which she wants relief. It leads to a slow but sudden realization that it would lead to nothing but more despair and hatred. So she sorts out things to get better.

“You again” is a sweet little melodrama about a girl and the people surrounding her life, the first part takes off well dipping on plots(or more like potholes). Otherwise, it is a family-oriented movie that guarantees you few giggles. The movie could have been better regarding storyline where it suffers due to the unpolished script; I am mentioning it again because it gulps the acting talents of many good artists present in this movie.

”You Again” can be watched but I think just for once, but still I believe that Andy Fickman, who directed nice comedies like Paul Blart, will pull off much more quality movies than this.