The movie The Woman in Black is a British film that hit screens in 2012 It is a horror film bringing forth paranormal occurrences The movie is a direction by

The Woman In Black Movie Review

The Woman In Black Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Woman in Black"
Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 03-02-2012
Genre: Horror, Thriller
3 / 5.0



The movie The Woman in Black is a British film that hit screens in 2012. It is a horror film bringing forth paranormal occurrences. The movie is a direction by James Watkins James Thomas Watkins was born on 20th of May in th >> Read More... and the screenplay for the movie is by Jane Goldman Jane Goldman, full name Jane Loretta Anne Goldman, >> Read More... . It is a derivative of the novel by Susan Hills.

The movie is a production by Hammer Film Productions. It hit screens in the US and Canada in February, and by another week during the year of 2012. Te follow-up to the film was titled Angel of Death and it hit screens on 2nd January 2015. But the sequel to the movie did not involve actor Radcliffe in it. Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe is a popular English actor who ro >> Read More... does the role of Arthur Kipps in the movie.

Actors as Ciaran Hinds Ciaran Hinds is an Irish television, film and stag >> Read More... and Janet McTeer Stage costume designer turned actress, Janet McTee >> Read More... do the supporting roles. The plot revolves around the character Arthur. Arthur is a lawyer whose wife had died some time ago. A bereaved Arthur mourns the death of his wife. Radcliffe as Arthur is on a mission to sort out things following the death of a mysterious woman. But, there is a terrible secret maintained by the villagers.

The secret may take a toll on Arthur and the other villagers. Arthur has to sort out things following the death of his client. As a twist in the movie, it comes to light that his client’s house is infested with the spirit of a woman who is after somebody and something she had missed out. Nobody could stand her anger, and children are also no exception. The rest of the story has reveals that the director has made an attempt to give the goose pimples to the audience. 

Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur in the horror flick is a commendable actor. Movie chances started pouring in for Daniel Radcliffe after he did the series of Harry Potter. But the movie ‘The Woman in Black’ that he has chosen seems to be a bit of disappointment. The two-hour movie revolves around the creepy mansion through which Radcliffe meanders his way. Hogwarts is seen unveiling and veiling the curtains to verify that there is nothing beyond. But, however much he tries, he cannot make out the presence of a ghost. And, audiences are also confused as to why the movie has to drag on in such a manner.

The movie could have been a better one if there were some story in it. But, the horrors in the movie do not send chills down the spine. The visuals are good, and the mansion is spooky. The landscape seen in the movie gives a hair-raising experience. The background music is truly intimidating, and it compensates for what is missing in the screenplay. The supporting roles in the movie are done by Ciaran Hinds and Janet McTeer.

Doubt and fear pass like a dark cloud on their face, but they have got nothing else in the movie to do. The question is as to why Radcliffe and other casts in the movie accepted to do the movie with such a weak plot in it. The movie has sufficient spooky backdrops to it but is an average thriller.