Mesrine is a movie about the events that happen in the life of Mesrine a real life convict This movie is a two- part movie This movie is directed by Jean- Fr

Mesrine Movie Review

Mesrine Movie Review English
Review for the film " Mesrine"
Runtime: 4 Hours 06 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 27-08-2010
4 / 5.0

Mesrine is a movie about the events that happen in the life of Mesrine, a real life convict. This movie is a two- part movie. This movie is directed by Jean- Francois Richet. The story of the first part is based on the autobiography of Mesrine, namely ' L'instinct de Mort.' The second part explains his life after he escapes from the prison.


Mesrine: Killer Instinct - Part I
This covers the events that took place between 1959- 1972. Vincent Cassel's greed makes him earn money in a wrong way. His first marriage with Elena Anaya ends in divorce, and he starts loving Cecile De France. Cassel and Cecile are sentenced to a jail term when they failed to escape from a kidnapping task.
Mesrine: Public Enemy Number One - Part II
Cassel escapes from the prison and stays with Ludivine Sagnier. He starts committing many crimes, which he is wanted by many people. When Sagnier and Cassel disguise themselves into different persons, and when they are about to leave the country, Cassel is killed.


The script seems to be excellent, and Richet used many stunning set- pieces. The prison break sequence and his efforts in saving the inmates are mind blowing. The scenes are very thrilling The first half is more like a character study of Mesrine. The director has cut certain period, often, that gives an appeal of episodes. But all those subplots are skillfully crafted. 


The biggest plus point of the story is Richet's decision. Richer did not rely on narrative but concentrated more on his style. People who are not aware of Mesrine may find it difficult in following the story. 


The director did not concentrate much on the psychology of the characters. But he maintained his limits and strikes it well. 


Cassel delivers a stunning performance in this movie. He is charming and stunning. He moves the story in an engaging way. His dedication towards the character forces us to get familiar with the character of Mesrine. Elena Anaya stands out from all other artists in the movie. She possesses a special place of appreciation for her skill. De France perfectly picturizes the image of a prostitute.


Mesrine's soul will be completely satisfied.