Meadowland is an American thriller drama movie with an unconventional central idea It received different reviews from the audience The movie is the directori

Meadowland Movie Review

Meadowland Movie Review English
Review for the film " Meadowland"
Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 17-04-2015
3.5 / 5.0



Meadowland is an American thriller, drama movie with an unconventional central idea. It received different reviews from the audience. The movie is the directorial debut of Reed Morano.


Sarah ( Olivia Wilde) and Phil( Luke Wilson) are a happy couple with a son. They are on a road trip and when they pull over at a gas station, their son goes to the bathroom and never comes out. There is no other opening to the garage or the street; he just disappears with leaving no traces behind. Now, it’s been a year since they lost their child, but they haven’t moved on. They try hard to find happiness in their present life as Sarah a middle school teacher and Phil a cop resume their jobs. They are subjected to frequent visits from the police, with pictures of the children found in raids to recognize if their son's there too. To bring back their life to its previous merry state, Phil tries to reintroduce themselves to their life before the incident, meeting their friends, attending functions and more. Where Phil has accepted that their son is no more, Sarah continues to believe he’s still out there. Life doesn’t seem to change for good. Phil considers group therapy, but Sarah turns dark and finds herself in dangerous situations.


Losing a child is the most difficult task in the world for parents, the thought is so unfathomable irrespective of you having children or no. The opening scene itself settles the fact that this film is all about grief and sorrow and the parents' inability to move from their allegedly deceased child. The movie sets its pace from the very beginning, and you seem to find no light, it just gets darker from here. The couple is then shown after a time gap of a year. Sarah and Phil have returned to their regular jobs, but the insufficient resolve makes it difficult for them to accept the tragedy they endured. Phil has somewhere accepted that their baby boy is never returning and opts for group therapy to ease out his pain but Sarah just refuses to accept and things take a wrong turn. Monaro has done a great job with her direction. The movie is at its best execution when the main characters are silent, and you feel the grief and sorrow they are going through. Every structure in Meadowland is disturbing and filled with misery. The only down part is the over-explanatory story-telling. The stars are the only driving force in this gloomy and sorrowful movie.

Star Performances

The movie is blessed with an amazing star cast. Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson have both brought out the best in them. The supporting cast is also good.

What’s there?

Meadowland is a movie with a very unconventional topic if you dig that, it's your movie. The film also enjoys a very good debutant director Reed Monaro and a stunning star cast of Olivia Wilde and Luke Wilson.

What’s not there?

Though the core of the movie is sorrow, it's not that successful in the department of thriller or suspense. You do wonder where the boy is but the film is about what happens to the parents. Also, the over-explanatory story-telling sucks away the charm of a good emotional flick.


Meadowland is a different and well-executed film. It thrives because of the actor performance from the lead pair. The movie is gloomy, and you may feel unsettling.