Live By Night is the Hollywood drama scripted directed coproduced and featured by Ben Affleck The film is based on a novel of the same title written by Denni

Live by Night Movie Review

Live by Night Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Live by Night"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 13-01-2017
Genre: Crime, Drama
1 / 5.0

Live By Night is the Hollywood drama scripted, directed, coproduced and featured by Ben Affleck. The film is based on a novel of the same title written by Dennis Lehane. The film features Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson, Chris Messina, Sienna Miller, Zoe Saldana and Chris Cooper. Warner Bros Pictures bankrolled the film.


Live By Night is set in the backdrop of 1920s and 1930s. The story is about Joe Coughlin, the son of Boston Police Captain of World War I. Joe is in love with Emma Gould. Emma is the mistress of a gangster, Albert White. On a fine day, Joe and Emma escape from the city. But, they were caught by Maso Pescatore, a rival of Albert White. He blackmails them and orders them to kill Albert. As Joe didn’t do it, Maso does the trick and informs Albert about Joe and Emma. In a fight, Albert is killed and Joe is convicted. He was sent to prison. With the help of his father, his punishment period is reduced. After getting released from the prison, Joe starts a new business. His business develops well and he marries Graciela Corrales. In his successful business, he inserts gambling. Later, he tries to force the government to make gambling a legal game. Loretta, the daughter of Irving, who helped him to set up the business, opposes the idea of Joe. Later, she was found slitting her neck and dead. Who killed Loretta? To know the rest of the story, visit the theaters.

Star Performances

There are no flaws in the acting performances of the leads and the supporting roles. 


Ben Affleck, who scripted, directed and acted in the film, should have chosen a better script. Not even a single moment in the film is enjoyable. Right from the beginning till the climax, the film makes the people get bored.

What’s There?

  • Star cast in the movie is a plus
  • Cinematography and the background scores are quite okay

What’s Not There?

  • Boring script and screenplay
  • No exciting twists and turns
  • Draggy scenes brings yawn


The film could not even be called as a bad movie. It is the worst one that makes the people sleep in the theaters. Don’t feel for missing the film.