Gnanavel Raja Receives Threats After Mr Local!

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Gnanavel Raja Receives Threats After Mr Local!

Gnanavel Raja K E Gnanavel Raja popularly known as Gnanavel is a >> Read More... Gnanavel Raja and Aadnah Arts produced Mr Local directed by “ Rajesh Director Rajesh is one among the popular young dir >> Read More... Rajesh ” and featuring “ Sivakarthikeyan Sivakarthikeyan is a stand-up comedian, actor, and >> Read More... Sivakarthikeyan ” and “ Nayanthara Nayantara also called as Nayanthara Kurian, is a r >> Read More... Nayanthara .” The makers had sent a letter to the advisory committee of Tamil Film Producers Council, seeking their help. Here is the letter from the makers:

Dear Sir,

We have produced Tamil film titled as Mr local starring Sivakarthikeyan, Nayanthara and others directed by Rajesh and the film was released worldwide on 17th of May 2019. Wherein we have sold the theatrical rights of the above mentioned film for entire Tamilnadu territory in favour of M/S Tanvee Films represented by Mr Pradeep Subramanian on outright basis. Whereas Mr Sakthivelan, M/s. Sakthi film factory having good acquaintance with Mr Pradeep Subramanian based on the cordial relationship Sakthivelan had assisted Pradeep in their distribution and delivery of the film in Tamilnadu territory. Pradeep had sold the distribution rights of the film on minimum guarantee basis for Trichy territory in favour of G Thiagarajan. Wherein the distributor G Thiagarajan had failed to pay the agreed MG amount before the release of the film and defaulted a sum of rupees 13 lacs. Considering the release of the film, we have released the film without receiving the balance amount. Further G Thiagarajan distributor had sold the film in turn to the exhibitors in the Trichy territory on refundable distribution basis only.

After the release of the film we are shocked and surprised to know the fact that the distributor association had unanimously and arbitrarily issued red card against our production houses namely M/s Studio Green and M/s Aadhna arts and against Shakti film factory who had assisted the film. We would like to inform you that none of the distributors of the film had made any claim against this for the losses incurred through the distribution of the film without providing an opportunity to hear and explain our situation and position and without making any claim against US in oral or writing the association had unlawfully imposed a ban against our banners and restricted the release of our films and unlawful trade practice. Further for the liability of G Thyagarajan towards exhibitors G Thyagarajan is creating all kinds of trouble to us and indirectly pressurizing us to pay the losses incurred for the film and unlawfully withheld the revenue earned through the distribution of other films by Shakti film factory associated with the other producers G Thyagarajan and his men Meenakshi Sundaram Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Meenakshi Sundaram and one Ravi had come to office of Sakthivelan and pressurized as to refund and alleged amount of rupees 1 crore and 60 lacs and threatened with the dire consequences. If we fail to repay the amount immediately and restrict the release of our films in Trichy territory. Therefore left with no other option to resolve this issue we have come before the council to resolve the issue to lift the unlawful and arbitrary ban imposed on us and M/s Shakti film factory and help us to release or films and continue our trade without any restriction.”