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Top 10 Indian Movies To Watch With Kids

Author: Suryapratim Ray
Top 10 Indian Movies To Watch With Kids Hindi Article

This generation kids spend their days just watching YouTube videos and phone games. The parents encourage their kids to watch the movies however, most of the time the movies are not kid-friendly. Children’s movies should be inspirational, lively and have comedy, and innocence, which today’s generational movies lack. Still, some movies make even the adults to remember their childhood. The list of the top 10 movies to watch with kids in quality time are-

1. Taare Zameen Par Click to look into! >> Read More... Taare Zameen Par

Aamir khan in 2007 directed the movie Taare Zameen Par. The movie is about a boy, Ishaan, who has an artistic imagination but shows poor responses in academics. Thinking he is a troubled boy, his parents send him to boarding school. His art teacher in the school observes him and realizes he has dyslexia, which affects one’s ability to read and write. His teacher helps him and makes everyone understand his difficulty. The movie is inspirational and empathy towards children who suffers from learning difficulties. It is important to understand and give them a chance.

2. Stanley Ka Dabba Click to look into! >> Read More... Stanley Ka Dabba

In 2011, Amole Gupte Amol Gupte was born in 1962 in Mumbai, Maharashtra >> Read More... Amole Gupte directed the film, Stanley Ka Dabba. The movie is about a talented boy Stanley, who is famous in his class and teacher for his creativity and humor. One of his school teachers likes to eat everyone Tiffin. When the teacher saw that the students shareed their lunch with Stanley, he became angry and scolded him for not getting him for not bringing the lunch. Nobody was able to understand that Stanley was an orphan. The film is depicting a pure and honest form of life.

3. Chiller Party

In 2011, Chiller Party was released in the Hindi film cinema. The movie is about a group of kids living into a territory of Mumbai. They trouble the new boy who comes in the colony with his dog, Bhidu, so they would leave the territory. However, when the welfare minister tries to remove the Bhidu, they all come together and fight for their way. The film teaches us the lesson of togetherness and determination to achieve what we love. The movie is not only perfect for kids but grownups, too.


4. Koi Mil Gaya

In 2003, the science fiction movie Koi Mil Gaya was released in the Hindi film industry. The movie follows a boy named Rohit, who has a developmental disability by birth. His father was a famous scientist who died while discovering an alien which he was working on. Rohit, with his friends, accidently called the alien while playing with his father’s computer. The alien helped Rohit in school and to win the game. But later, the authorities got to know about the alien. Rohit and his friends helped the alien to go back into space. The movie is entertaining to watch, with great songs and a storyline. Krish is the next part of the film.


5. Bhoothnath

In 2008, the comedy-filled supernatural movie Boothnath had released. The film is about a kid who encounters a ghost when he moves into a new house. The spirit tries to scare him, but the kid Banku recognizes him as an angel. Later, they become friends, and the spirit tells more about him to them. The movie has a sequel, Bhoothnath Returns Click to look into! >> Read More... Bhoothnath Returns , and is popular between the kids. The magical elements and the portrayal of friendship among the ghost and the kid are fun to watch.


6. Mr. India

In 1987, Shekhar Kapur Shekhar Kapur is a renowned Indian actor, director >> Read More... Shekhar Kapur directed the film Mr. India. The movie follows a philanthropist who is in debt and cares for orphans. For the money, he rents a floor in his house to a girl and later falls in love with her. He discovers his father was a famous scientist and left an invisibility machine for him. He uses the device to make himself visible and to save people from Mogambo. With the unique storyline and the special effects, the movie fascinating to watch.


7. Bumm Bumm Bole Click to look into! >> Read More... Bumm Bumm Bole

In 2010, Priyadarshan directed the film Bumm Bumm Bole. The film is about two siblings who belong to a low-income family. One day, the brother exchanges his sister’s shoes in the market. They couldn’t afford another pair of shoes. They both used the same shoes but at different school times. The brother faces some difficulties and then decides to participate in a marathon where the third price is the shoes. The bond of the siblings is beautiful to watch. The movie is fun, entertaining.


8. Dhanak

Dhanak was released in 2015 and has been directed by Rajesh Kukunoor. The film is about a sweet sister who is Shahrukh Khan’s Fan and a visually impaired brother who loves Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan . The sister has promised her brother that he will receive his eyesight before his ninth birthday. She felt more hopeful when they heard Shahrukh Khan Eye donation campaign. She writes a letter to him and sends it to Mumbai. But, they later realize that he is present for a shoot in their village. They both go on a journey to meet him. The precious movie received several awards for its storyline. The beautiful relationship and the love between the sister and the brother is heart-wrenching.


9. I Am Kalam

The charity foundation Smile produced the film I Am Kalam in 2011. The movie is about a poor boy, who works in a Dhaba. He feels envious of his friend Ranvijay who is from a royal family. He dreams of wearing a school uniform and wants to go to a school. One day, he accidently got to know about President Kalam and wished to become like him. To meet president, he runs away from his home. The film portrays an important message and has an incredible script. The film has received several awards nationally and even internationally. 

10. Jajantaram Mamantaram

In 2003, Soumitra Ranade A director, producer, screenplay artist and writer >> Read More... Soumitra Ranade directed the movie Jajantaram Mamantaram. The movie is on the famous book Gulliver’s Travels, about a man who finds himself in a remote island after an accident. He releases that he is in the land of tiny people who think he is a giant. He later tries to save everyone from a lousy giant. The movie has animation and is very entertaining to watch.