Top 10 Indian Movies That Made Their Way To The Oscars

Top 10 Indian Movies That Made Their Way To The Oscars Hindi Article

Oscar Nominations has always been a big deal for everybody across the world. And why shouldn’t that be?! It is a platform where the excellence of some movies is genuinely appreciated, and it is so different compared to any scripted award ceremonies in our country! So, here's presenting a list of top 10 Indian movies that have excelled and proudly made their way to the Oscar nominations!

1) Mother India

This was one of the most epic movies that Bollywood has ever created! Released decades ago but it is still without a doubt one of the most remarkable films of all times! This one of a kind movie, effortlessly made its way to the Oscars under the category of the 'Best Foreign Language Film!'

2) Salaam Bombay!

Whenever we refer to ' Mumbai,' the first thing that strikes in our minds is that it is the city of dreams and how busy is life there. But when we talk about the struggles, it mainly never that we are pointing out at the life of street people, but the working class people. This phenomenal movie shows us the other brutal side of the story about what Bombay's life is all about. This Mira Nair's movie will leave you in splits by the end. It had to get into the Oscars!

3) Swaas

All the Maharashtrian folks, must have watched this classic? If not please do watch it. It's such an emotionally draining film! It is a story of a grandfather and his grandson who visit the city for the treatment of the child from some rare type of cancer. Later, in the film, the duo goes through a lot of trouble and is told that the life of the child can only alive if the child undergoes an operation but, the treatment will take away his sense of sight forever! This emotional journey became the first Marathi film in 50 years to enter the Oscars!

4) Lagaan

I certainly hope that you are aware of this movie! Lagaan was yet another gem produced by the Indian Cinema Industry. The flick, starring the perfectionist Aamir Khan, was set in the Victorian Times of the Colonial British Raj. It revolves around some villagers who take up the cricket challenge against the British to avoid the heavy taxes that the British officials were imposing on them. This epic movie turned out to be a revival of Aamir Khan's fading career. It had to reach the Oscars!

5) Barfi!

Barfi! I still remember, when I saw this flick for the very first time I was so proud of how Bollywood has evolved over the years! This flick has proved that Indian Cinema isn't just about 5-6 songs, and a typical storyline. I love this film! The efforts that Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and the other actors have put in the flick are commendable, and it so deserved to be nominated at the Oscars!

6) Court

This is a serious drama flick that focuses on the position of the Indian Legal System. It portrays the trial of an aged Folk Singer in Mumbai. Along with its selection as the country's official entry to the Oscars, the film has performed excellently in various International Film Festivals also.

7) Devdas

This is yet another marvel that has shaped Shah Rukh Khan's career for good. We can never forget the characters in the movie and the impact that it has made on all of us. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is always known to make films that are larger than life. And Devdas is an excellent example of that!

8) Bandit Queen

Seema Biswas is slaying in this flick, where she is portraying the role of a female bandit. Her character gets raped multiple times which leads her to be a bandit. You need the courage to watch such a movie! Proud that it made to the Oscars!

9) Saaransh

This movie has an epic storyline and an excellent cast consisting of Anupam Kher and Rohini Hattangadi. This sensitive film was an exhibition of the evil corruption that runs our systems!

10) Guide

Waheeda Rehman and Dev Anand have surely made an epic! The duo were successful in portraying the various emotions that an individual goes through! This movie will remain a classic forever!