Meghana Gowda

Other names of Meghana Gowda: Meghana Gownda

Meghana Gowda is Telugu soap opera actress who has been recognized for her role in “Shashirekha Parinayam.” It is a drama series that has been aired on MAA TV. It is a fantasy show in which the lead character dreams about how he is going to meet the love of his life, and what happens when he meets his lover in reality. It shows the star comparison of how one's dreams may go south when they happen in reality. It may not always be roses and bubbles. The reality is a dangerous place in which anything can happen within just a nick of time. This realistic show was well appreciated by all of the viewers. Meghana got the lead role in the series. She showed the role absolute justice. She was able to make believe the audience all the fantasies that the series advocates.

Her acting skills were specifically noted down by the critics as well as the audience. Director Krishna Vamsi made the right call when he selected Meghana Gownda to take up the role. The show was aired in the year 2009 and during the year, the series was highly celebrated by all. Before taking up her role, Meghana was seen to do some extra work as a part of getting ready for the character- to get the character in shape. She did a lot of homework and huge makeovers to get her part straight. And all her efforts were seen to pay off when the soap opera got voted to be the best TV series to be aired in the year. The actress has also got herself nominations for her part in the series. According to her, it is the sheer love that her fans give her that motivates her to do more amazing roles in the future, as opposed to any award.