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Pradeep Kumar Jampa

Pradeep Kumar Jampa is a Telugu producer and director very well-known for his film “Appudala Ippudila”. He was born on 25 October. He is the proprietor and the founder of “Jampa Group,” which is composed of “Jampa Construction” and “Jampa Creations.” It was formed in 2010 in Bangalore and is a unique combination that blends the industries of Construction and Filmmaking. He attended SFS School and SFS High School in Hyderabad. In 2003, he graduated with a degree in Engineering from Pydah Degree College in Vizagapatam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Immediately after graduation, he applied and pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Indian Business Academy, Bangalore. He gained his Masters in 2005. He married Geeta Devi in the year 2007. He has two children, the elder one is his son and the younger one, a daughter, born to him in 2014. “Appudala Ippudila” was first titled as “Paani Poori” but during the production stage, Pradeep decided to change the name to give a more authentic Telugu taste to the film. He went through a productivity slump in 2014 due to undisclosed reasons, but he made a comeback in 2015 and managed to make his project a reality. He struggled hard due to financial constraints but later inspired by the success of “Baahubali” Pradeep persevered and continued to put in his efforts. He realized that small budget films can also make a superior influence and can do tremendously well at the box office. He credits “Baahubali” to be his constant source of encouragement. His film “Appudala Ippudila” featured the debuting actress, Harshika Poonacha, who is considered to be a valuable contribution by him to the Telugu film fraternity. He also gave the actor Surya Teja an opportunity to play the role of a male protagonist for the first time. The music for his film had been created by the talented Sunil Kashyap and the official album containing the track songs was released 18 September 2015. It met with a great positive feedback at the Box Office. The film later got released on 19 February 2016. “Appudala Ippudila” is a romantic comedy that did fairly well even for a movie having a small budget. The general reviews of the critics were neutral, but overall they were impressed with the output provided by Pradeep in spite of the budgetary restrictions. Pradeep has political inclinations toward the Bharatiya Janata Party and is an ardent supporter of the current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He enjoys traveling and visiting new places all over the world, his favorite tourist destinations are Goa, Singapore, and Thailand. He still enjoys staying updated with the Business World and is currently residing in Bangalore.

Pradeep Kumar Jampa Telugu Actor