Chanti Addala Telugu Actor
Other Skills
    - Producer

Chanti Addala is a Tollywood producer and director who started his career with the movie Baachi, which he not only produced but also directed. A police officer named Baachi finds a young boy in front of house who claims to be his son. The story shows how Baachi’s world is turned upside down as he desperately tries to prove that this boy isn’t his son. T

he movie did poorly at the box office receiving a rating of a mere 4.5/10. In 2002, he produced the movie Allari Ramadu. When the daughter of a woman who loves nothing more than money falls in love with a housekeeper, she does everything she can to separate the two lovers. This movie was not well appreciated and thus only got a rating of 4.4/10. In 2004, he produced his third movie Adavi Ramadu. The story of a boy named Ramu who gets educated so that he can finally be with the woman he loves only to find that her mother objects to the marriage and will do anything to stop the two from being together, even if it means getting Ramu killed.

The movie got a very bad reception and a rating of just 3.9/10. In 2012, he produced the movie Yamudiki Mogudu Click to look into! >> Read More... Yamudiki Mogudu , a story about a boy who is born without a fate and thus followed the God of death to his realm. This movie was his first successful getting a fairly good rating of 5.7/10.